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Chapter Fourteen

Jareth awoke slowly, coming out of a good dream. He soon realized that his arms were firmly wrapped around Serena. Jareth quickly scanned the room that was getting brighter and brighter by the second. Everyone seemed to still be sleeping, and he silently thanked god for that one blessing. The last thing he needed was for people to find him in this position.

Jareth attempted to remove his arms from their incriminating position around Serena, but she made a sound somewhat like a groan, and he feared she would wake someone up. " Serena. . ." he whispered, trying to rouse her. This did absolutely no good, she simply turned around and moved towards him more. Jareth swore, and tried once more to disentangle himself from Serena. He managed to get one arm free before she took hold of his other arm with more strength than Jareth thought possible for a sleeping girl.

" Oh come on!" Jareth sighed and decided to just wake her up. Jareth jerked his arms away from her while moving backwards.

Serena didn't wake up. To Jareth's complete astonishment, Serena simply curled into herself a little more, and frowned. " Huh" Jareth grunted " go figure."

Jareth got up off the floor, and as an afterthought, tucked the edge of the sleeping bag up to Serena's chin.

" Ew. That was disgustingly sweet. Never do it again." Jareth swirled in the direction of the sound.

" Peter?" Jareth asked, squinting.

" I also go by the alias Lord Rathsbane, but Peter will do." Peter had a creepy smile on his face, made creepy by the fact he was smiling.

" Why are you awake?" Jareth planned on diverting the conversation away from what Peter had seen.

" I woke up to go to the bathroom, came back to find this interesting scene awaiting me." Peter gestured to Serena's sleeping form.

" Peter, it's not what you think. There is a completely logical explanation for this, um, yes, um... would you believe I thought Serena was going to die from frostbite, and I was saving her life to kill her later?" Jareth was tired, and excuses were on a list of things that Jareth couldn't do or make properly when tired.

" Serena has nightmares, she woke up hysterical, you offered to stay with her until she fell asleep, disturbingly nice of you, and unfortunately fell asleep yourself." Peter looked at Jareth with open smugness.

" How the hell did you know?!" Jareth kept getting one shock after another this morning.

" Light sleeper" Peter explained easily.

" Well then you must have seen how freaked out she was! Her worst enemy wouldn't leave her alone in that state!" Jareth tried to move away from Peter's prying eyes.

" Funny thing is, I got the impression that you were her worst enemy." Peter's words stopped Jareth right in his tracks.

" I am, of course I am, don't doubt that for a second. I hate her, I enjoy causing her to be in pain. How DARE you imply otherwise?" Jareth had to stop at this, because he was beginning to sound very feminine in his hysteria. He gave a manly cough, and crossed his arms to bring back his bad boy persona.

" She's growing on you. One look into those baby blues and you can't deny her anything." Peter had a small smirk on his face.

" Hey! That is NOT true. . . wait . . .Peter. . . your talking." Jareth looked at Peter with a funny expression.

" Your powers of observation are astounding." Peter laughed.

" Since when do you talk!?" Jareth was fed up.

A horrified expression crossed Peter's face. " I don't talk. " Peter glanced around the room. " I'll keep your secret if you keep mine."

" Deal." Jareth didn't care about the peculiarities of the conversation at this point, he didn't want to know the deep secrets of Peters soul, and why he never talked to people, he wanted the conversation OVER. Both boys quickly walked in opposite directions, and faked sleep.

A Few Hours Later

" Wakey wakey children!" Joe said to the mass of sleeping bags.

" Nooooo" Mumbled a baby blue power puff girls sleeping bag.

" Yes, it's 9 AM, time to get up!" Joe patted the sleeping bag next to him, and screamed when Peter tried to bite his hand. Joe decided to wake the children up using a different method. " FOOD!"

Every sleeping bag came to life. A giant Pikachu came barreling towards him, and he lunged out of the way. " James. You could seriously injure someone like that. Stop it. Stop it or i'll bury you alive in a box."

James poked his head out the top of the sleeping bad curiously, and slowly backed away from Joe.

" Well. . . food comes later, for now, we're gonna have to find a way off this mountain!" Joe didn't know how to tell the kids they were trapped with no hope of escaping, it just didn't seem kosher.

" You said there were plans for this kind of occurrence " Nora was rubbing her eyes, just beginning to wake up. Nora didn't notice she fell asleep in her makeup, as she rubber her eyes her eye liner became smudged all over her eyelid and under her eye.

" Nora. I love you, which is why i'm telling you this. You look like a raccoon." Serena began laughing hysterically as she looked at her friends bushy ponytail and eyes.

" WHAT?!" Nora grabbed the mirror in her purse and yelped.

This was a wonderful diversion for the kids, and so everyone presently forgot about their current problem. Joe began making breakfast, if you consider making breakfast trying to open a bag of eggo waffles and failing. In the end Nurse Lizzy had to take the bag from him and open it herself, much to his chagrin.

" I can't eat that" James pointed out from the sleeping bag circle that was now surrounded poor Nora.

" What dear?" Lizzy inquired while trying to figure out if the toaster would work.

" I'm allergic to eggs. I can't eat most waffles. I'm also allergic to nuts, and caffine, and bees, and dogs, and cats." James looked a bit sheepish.

The group simply stared at him in disbelief. Peter inched towards him, poked him once in the arm, then backed away.

" How do you LIVE?!" Serena exclaimed.

"...carefully..." James shrugged.

" A waffle could kill you. You scare me." Nora stated, frowning at James.

" Why don't you just play dead" James glared at Nora.

" Thats possums" Serena and Nora pointed out matter-of-factly.

" I hate you people..." James went off to play his gameboy in a corner of the room.

" Is anyone else getting the feeling Peter is rubbing off on James?" James asked aloud.

The whole room raised hands, including Lizzy and Joe in the kitchen.

" AAAAANYWAY" Joe walked from the kitchen to confront the kids " we may be stuck here a while, so I suggest you all GET ALONG, i'm going out now to see if the other cabins are safe to inhabit again. You all stay put."

Joe walked to the back door that lead to the outside courtyard, upon opening the door Joe saw a flaw in his plan. There was a wall of snow where there should have been a doorway. Joe placed his hand on the snow barrier.

" This could be a problem...."

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