I am the vigour of youth,
I am consort to the Lady
In my veins flow the tides of destiny
At the Beltane rights I bring new life
I am the Year King
And I am the Sun
I am the King Stag
But so must I fall when the year is done
So must I fall when the young stag is grown
So must my blood return to the earth
Where the seeds of new life are sown.

I am the Horned One and the Hunter
I am the Sun to shine by day
I am the giver of life
I am seen in many faces
I am called by many names
But I am but One Truth
Like light refracting through a prism
Creating different colours, all part of the same.

I have been called Lord and I have been called Devil
I have been called demon, by those who refuse to understand
That there is no right or wrong religion
That all see Me as they will
As Cernunnos of Britain
As Hermes of Greece
As Osiris of Egypt
As God, as The One

I give new life at the Beltane Fires
And I give up my own life when the year is gone
I am beloved of the Lady
Just as She is beloved of Me
She is all that was, is and will be
And I am what She wills me to be
Her consort and her sacrifice
Her offering to the land.

I am the light that shines on the field
The rain that falls on the crops
She is the scythe that cuts Me down
When it is time for My reign to stop
I am the sower of seeds
I am the giver of life
Mine is the blood that stains and blesses the crops

I am The God.