~* Goodbye To You *~

What is with you people,
And your snobby attitude?
You think that you're so perfect
But you're mean and very rude

I know a lot of people
Who abhors you very much
You act like you're the teachers fave,
With all your ramblings and such

You think that you're a princess
Whose prince will help you through
But he knows how to betray
How I pity you.

Don't scream at cliffs or even hills
Coz your voice will never echo
But really, you're annoying
You stupid little wacko.

I bet you never returned
The friendship that I gave
Well, goodbye to you
And don't expect me to wave


Well, I wrote this when I was in school. It's just that there's this girl in our class who thinks so highly of herself, and I could help but write this. ^^;; I'm not that good so gimme a break! *chuckle* Anyway, please tell me your thoughts!