Mortality of Love
Darkness comes and I'm alone
Just me, the stars, the moon, the sky
And so I sit and think of all
The days I spent with you gone by
The love we shared
The warmth I felt
You'd look at me
My heart would melt
Your smile sunk down to my soul
Those piercing blues so full of life
Into your eyes I'd be lost forever
Forget all my troubles, pain and strife
But nothings eternal
Things come to an end
What has been broken
Must now end
Yet a smile still comes to fall on my lips
As I sit on our hill and think of this
For until hells fires cover the Earth
I will never forget the fire of your kiss.

Yes yes I know overused rhyme scheme! I was in a tired lazy mood and to be
honest I think this poem was more therapy for me than an actual poem :o)