Death's Bride

"Death becomes you mi'lady"
Is all that he said
Twisted smile showing
As he paced around the bed

So sweetly did she sleep
Her fair skin white and pale
As he gently caressed her face
With his dark and crooked nail

She did not know that he was there
Or what would be her fate
But he swept her up into his arms
And stepped through the hellish gate

For he was Death, Lord of all
And she his choice of bride
Her beauty was unsurpassed
From him she could not hide

So to the dead she was bound
A cold unforgiving doom
Trapped forever in the Underworld
With it's eternal dreary gloom

Tears she wept every night
For the life that she had lost
In all creation beauty had
Never such a pricely cost.

Yet again written in History or some similar lesson June/July 2003! Thought this would be a cool story idea but wrote a poem first to plan it out ( Story may follow soon.