Wings of Freedom
That cold knife
Hard as steel
So easily slices milky skin
Red rivers rage
From her soft throat
Which once was touched
By love's treacherous kiss
Darkness comes, breath slips away
At last a smile blesses her lips
Then black
Like night so thick around
Floating in a sea of gloom
Soaring she rises up and up
Free at last at peace alone
Then Light
Bright colours spin and twirl
Whirling past in a beautiful blur
No sign of the grey world below
Evil and pain can't touch her here
So on she dances in peaceful bliss
Dizzy from happiness
Full of warmth
In this place no one can tie her down
No ropes to bind nor hands to hurt
On wings of silk she flies on
Weaving a golden web as she goes
For at last in death she is set free
No cage can hold her any more
And so she'll live for eternity
With the souls and spirits of the damned she'll soar.

Written September 03 for an R.S. assignment on death and what comes next.
The beginning is based on that to So Sweet So Red, which is why they sound
the same! Kind of went bit symbolism happy with wings for freedom, grey
ignorant world etc but oh well!