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Yubi was suddenly swiped up by the color of her shirt and held in the air with her feet dangling down beneath her. "Did I tell you to talk?" the creature snarled at the girl. A cautious, terrified shake of the head was the other's response. She then bit back a cry of pain as her back was painfully pushed up against the wall yet again. "Then do onlyas I say unless you have no intention of returning to your pathetic life." Yubi watched the monster raise her other hand and reveal five, deathly sharp claws threateningly. However, she suddenly felt a strange wave of courage wash through her.



"NO!" Eyes glowing a bright pink and brows furrowing together, Yubi pushed the other to the ground with one, good shove, she herself staying right where she was, floating in mid air.

And now. . .

Hair whipping wildly around her face, Yubi's voice boomed out in a deeper, stronger tone than normal, "I am Ink-Wielding Fighter Yubi, protecting lives from evil newbies! With my magical words from mouth or pen, you will be beat; justice will win!"

The monster let out a bloodcurdling screech, hands thrown up to its large ears. "What horrible rhyming!! I can already feel my power draining away!!"

"No, no, no, no!!" IWFY cried with flailing arms. "You're supposed to grow weak because my poetry is too good!!"

"It was terrible! The most dreadful thing I've ever heard in all my nine lives!" the were-cat screamed, falling to its knees in agony.

"NOOO!! You're not doing it right! This isn't how it's supposed to happen!!"

Her enemy suddenly opened one eye with a sly grin. "Well. . ." A small anime smile popped on her face. "I'll start over if you tell me a poem about cats!"

IWFY sweatdropped.

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"What the h---'s going on. . .!?" Nicole mentally screamed, watching the sudden change in Tsukito with wide eyes. The boy had something ethereal burning in his angry gaze as he fired a punch at the vampire's face. At the last second, however, the latter calmly moved barely a hair to the side, sending an elbow backward into Tsukito's head.

Neck jerking back in surprise, he fell onto his hands and knees and stared at the tiled floor with a vision clouded by stinging tears. "What happened to me just then. . .?"he thought. "Something. . .was inside me." His eyes widened. "Burning inside me. . . . ." He rose to one knee. ". . . . .must be. . . . ." With a swish, he pulled himself up to both feet and held out his arms in a flexing position with a wide, confident grin. "THE VENGEFUL SPIRIT OF THE PRIESTESS YURI-SAMAAAAA!!!!!" Blood now rushing with adrenaline, Tsukito spun around on his heel to face his opponent while shooting a finger at him, as well. "WITH THE POWERFUL MIGHT OF YURI-SAMA RUSHING THROUGH MY VEINS, I SHALL-"

". .errrrrrrrRRRAHHHHH!!!" The vampire came running at him full speed, toppling the poor boy over like a plush toy. "Thinking you could actually beat me had you doomed for the start. . ." the man seethed through clenched teeth. His large, black-clad body loomed over Tsukito darkly as he hissed, "But now it's too late, either way."

The moment that final word left his tongue, a wall clock in the shape of a black cat whose tail and eyes moved back and forth at every second hung right above the sink began to chime.







The hands read six o' clock. And not a moment later, a black, evil light exploded and consumed the entire room. When it slowly melted away, another dark figure stood before the steps that led to the millions of upstairs rooms.

Nicole couldn't hold back a gasp. This dark figure was familiar. "Pee-Pee-chan!"

Their newest guest sweatdropped. "Actually. . .it's Pai-Pai-chan." Pai-Pai-chan then shot a pouty bottom lip toward the first vampire. "Aww, Na-Na-kun, you started without me. . ."

"But my dear Banpaiakotorikatsumochika." Na-Na-kun lips spread into a thin grin, his eyes never leaving Tsukito. "I am giving you the honor of the final blow."

"Why are you even doing this!?" Nicole suddenly blurted out.

"Why. . . . .?" Pai-Pai-chan echoed, his eyes dazing off into space.

Nicole walked up to the Sunny Smoothie Shop counter with a smile of satisfaction. "One Super Strawberry Smoothie, please!"

"Here you are, ma'am." The woman handed her the super strawberry treat in exchange for the ¥15, 000. "Thanks, er, adigàto!" Nicole said as she made her way to one of the table-for-twos.

A second later, Pai-Pai-chan gaily skipped up to the same counter. "One Super Strawberry Smoothie, onegai shimasu!"

"I'm sorry, the young lady over there just took the last one."

At those words, the vampire's stomach gave an angry, rumbling growl as his eyes shot Nicole a deathly glare. He briskly strode over to the blonde right when she was about to sit down and grabbed the wrist of her free hand. "Hn?" She turned her head around and-

"YEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!" Strawberry smoothie spilt all over the floor.

Nicole sweatdropped. "So you've been hunting after me just because I took the last strawberry smoothie nine episodes ago. . .?"

"I have anger issues."

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With a long yawn, Kaitlyn rose from her bed, guitar still resting on her lap. "What's with all the noise business downstairs. . ." Her tired gaze wandered over to the digital clock beside her. ". . .at 6:15 in the morning!?" She then fell back onto the mattress and stared up at the ceiling. "Man, Japan is crazy. . ."

Once Kaitlyn's eyes began to glaze over from lack of blinking, she reached a hand over and grabbed the two purple contacts sitting next to the clock, popped them in, and rolled off the bed, making her way down to the kitchen.

"I have anger issues."

The unfamiliar voice coming from an unfamiliar figure standing at the bottom of the stairs, blocking the doorway, made her freeze. "Someone wearing all black. . .?" she thought to herself. A second later, her face lit up. "Oh! He must be the butler!"

"'Scuse me, sir, I'd like a glass of iced tea, unsweetened, with two ice cubes, and make it snappy," she said, tapping the stranger on the back of the shoulder.

Pai-Pai-chan spun around and came face to face with a girl showing no fright whatsoever. His lips feel into a snarl as he snatched her wrist. "How dare you interrupt me!" He then noticed the girl's purple irises and pulled her closer with an evil smile. "Purple is my favorite color. . . How about I gouge out those pretty eyes of yours to keep as souvenirs. . .?"

Blood draining from her face, Kaitlyn tried to step back, but the vampire's grip was much too strong. She was forced to watch helplessly as the creature slowly lifted a razor-sharp claw. . . . .carefully circled his serpent-like tongue over his dead lips. . . . .then swiped down on her left eye with one swift, blurred streak of motion. . . . .but nothing happened. The two just stared at each other for a still moment; both surprised that Kaitlyn was unhurt.

"Eh?" Pai-Pai-chan gave the same eye a quick poke, and the girl just looked at him without a flinch.

Something suddenly clicked in Kaitlyn's mind. "I always knew these contacts were rad!"

"Grrr, enough stalling, I'll just kill you fast and easy!!" The vampire went for her young, slender neck, but Kaitlyn brought up her grasped hand and held him back only millimeters away by the forehead. Her eyes then flashed a brilliant blue.

"I am Tune-Carrying Fighter Kaitlyn, defending the innocent from wickedness such as y'all. . ."

A beam of golden light shot out from the palm of her free hand.

". . .and if you even try to bite my neck. . ."

Growing and morphing, it began to take the shape of a glowing guitar.

". . .you'll get a taste of my instrument's instead!!"

TCFK then ripped away both hands to tightly hold the neck of the magical acoustic, raised it high above her head, and slashed it right through the monster with a jumble of random notes. Gray and lifeless, Pai-Pai-chan's two halves of a corpse fell to the floor with a hollow thump.

Na-Na-kun spun around, and his eyes immediately widened in horrific shock. "Banpai-" Off-guard from the distraction; he was cut off by a strong hit to the back of the head.

Ripping her attention from one incomprehensible scene to the other, Nicole watched with wide eyes of her own as Na-Na-kun fell facedown on the floor unconscious, revealing a tall-standing, glowing-eyed Tsukito towering with a scowl of confidence behind him. The blonde's mind was racing. "Kaitlyn. . .? Suki. . .? Are there more people with weird-a-- powers than just me??"

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Anime – Japanese animation

Adigàto – Nicole's way of saying arigatou, which means thanks

Onegai shimasu – Please




Hm, not many translations this time around. Well, because I haven't done one in sooo long when I promised I would and because I feel very ashamed for not updating almost an entire YEAR, here's two new character bios!!





Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: Straight; Comes down to middle of back; Chin-length strand on either side of his head

Eye Color: Pale lime-green

Date of Birth: April 23

Horoscope: Taurus

Favorite Colors: Any shade of purple

Least Favorite Colors: Any color he believes doesn't look good on him

Favorite Food: Human blood; Strawberry smoothie

Least Favorite Food: Everything else

Favorite Thing to Wear: Kimono when out-and-about; Normal black vampire attire when doing normal vampire-type stuff

Least Favorite Thing to Wear: Anything that shows he has even barely a hint of masculinity

Appeared: Episode Three

Killed: Episode Eleven

Quote: Pretty, pretty please with chocolate syrup, marmalade, whipped cream, candied apples, yummy gumdrops, lemon candy, pineapple pieces, rainbow sprinkles, brown sugar, and a cherry on top? Pweeeeeeeeeeze??


Character Bio 03: BANATOSHIKU / NA-NA-KUN

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: A flattop kinda thing

Eye Color: Dark gold

Date of Birth: January 9

Horoscope: Capricorn

Favorite Colors: Black; Maroon

Least Favorite Colors: Anything light, bright, or neon

Favorite Food: Human blood; Goat's milk

Least Favorite Food: Everything else

Favorite Thing to Wear: 24/7, normal black vampire attire with a hood, so he really is a 'dark figure'

Least Favorite Thing to Wear: Clothes that make him look like a dirty human

Appeared: Episode Eight

Killed: Episode Eleven

Quote: One of the most feared vampire thieves' will not befeared with a name like Pai-Pai-chan.


Background Info: Pai-Pai-chan and Na-Na-kun lived together in some kind of black hole of an alternate dimension in the depths of an abandoned Tokyo subway. Yes, when I say 'lived together,' I mean they were lovers. You would never guess by the way Pai-Pai-chan acts, ne? ;)

When they weren't out stealing the lives of innocent people, possessing redheaded college girls, or trying to destroy Defenders of Justice, Pai-Pai-chan mingled at the hottest mall, while Na-Na-kun stayed 'home' playing Solitaire.




What other manga do you know of that gives bios even for the enemies? Hehe! :D Ai to Yashin!