Just like the dewdrops on the lone petals

They will eventually evaporate

And the fires that consume the forest

Will never fail to dissipate

Just like the spirits that stay behind

They'll haunt what tortures them

And the skyline painted gold on blue

Reflecting the battlefield littered with red

A shining black that is unbecoming

On the silver lace that covers the dead

Seek the ones that witnessed this

Don't ask how, they cannot speak

Read their lips, decipher their thoughts

Uncover the truth from all of these lies

Walk the plank aboard this ship

Take the dive and brave the darkness

Blindly follow the ones who cannot hate

Listen for the dripping, it's ever so near

The waterfall pours volumes of trust

Calmness consumes the very light that leaks through

Wrap the blankets around you

While you fall forever

Alongside the shards of broken glass

Cutting into the depths of the secrets

That harbor a misty understanding of lust

Look towards the horizon

It bleeds again

Signaling yet another war among us

The yin and yang collide

Forming the perfect puzzle of deceit

Leading the unsuspecting on towards downfall

Just like you