Descent: Child of Shadows

The two women lay tangled up on the bed, limp and exhausted after sex. The one woman was eerily pale, as most Vampires were, while the other was more vital and healthy looking. Both had a aura of dangerous sexuality about them, as if they could break a lover in half if they felt like it. Which was pretty much factually accurate too.

"Oh that was nice," the vampiress Nocturne murmured softly.

"Only you would describe five hours of sex as nice," Descent chuckled. Even SHE was tired, which was saying something.

"Aww, did I tire you out?" Nocturne teased.

Descent snickered softly. "I don't think I realized vampires would be quite so... insatiable," she mused. "Is that typical, or just you?"

"A bit of both," Nocturne admitted as she toyed with Descent's long hair. "I don't think we get tired the same way, anymore, and we enjoy the sensations more. We can't really eat so... I guess sex becomes a substitute?"

"I hadn't thought of it that way," Descent admitted.

"Now are you rested enough for round two?" Nocturne smirked as she looked down ayt Descent with a decidedly hungry gaze.

"Round two?" Descent yelped.


"Gee, for someone who took a few days off, you look awfully tired," Samantha noted with some amusement.

"Oh shut up," Descent smiled wryly.

The priest herself had that... certain glow you got after you'd had some pretty good sex. It made Descent wonder what she had been doing on her off days. She had heard there was a brothel run by the Magdeline order in town... maybe Sam had payed a visit?

The two were in Sam's rooms in the apartments behind the Daughters. The priest pretty much lived their full time, now, while Descent still maintained a apartment in the slums. She was considering taking up Nocturne on her offer to move in with them, but... what if she were attacked?

Descent looked at the city map on the wall, frowning at the pins and colored bits. "Is this...?" she asked curiously.

"I'm trying to keep track of what the Lady controls, as well as whomever is still out there being her rivals or whatever," Sam admitted.

"I thought she pretty much reestablished control over the whole city?" Descent asked, intrigued by what Sam was pointing out.

"That's what she wants her allies to think, at least," Sam nodded eagerly. She pointed to a red outlined area at the center of the map, "This is where she has solid control over the criminal element, pretty much."

"And the outer area?" Descent asked obediently.

Sam flashed a smile, "Thank you for the prompt." She pointed, "While the Lady has driven out the big players that tried to take over, she lost a LOT of soldiers over the past several months and no longer has the troops to hold it."

"So it's now... what? Being flooded with small timers?" Descent asked curiously.

"That and the Church," Sam smirked. "Two of our orders have bought properties and are setting up shop." she revealed

Descent looked less happy and more concerned. "You'd better make sure they are very secure," she cautioned, "the Lady is fucking ruthless, under any circumstances."

"We're being very careful," Sam agreed.

Descent looked at the mp, her expression thoughtful. "You've marked out the locations of most of her operations," she mused. "Does she have enough troops to guard them all?"

"Not as such," Sam said, "instead she has a centralized force that goes to where there's any trouble."

A slow smile began to stretch Descent's face. "How quickly, I wonder?" she mused, plotting locations on the map.

"What, exactly, are you planning?" Sam asked curiously.

"How about taking a drive tomorrow? A FAST drive..."

8:20 AM, Eastside

Jamie lived a simple, fairly basic life. He got up early, dressed, had some breakfast then hooked up with his suppler, Maggie. Maggie gave him a few hundred baggies of Crrok'd, the newest streed drug, then he headed to his storefront to sell it. It was simple, profitable and as long as he paid the Lady for protection, safe.

Not, however, today.

"Hi!" the cheerful woman in, oddly, a priest outfit said, holding a gun on him. "Drugs and money, boy. Now."

"No way, I..." Jamie started.

The woman with her shifted, then a FRICKING DEMON glared at him. Jamie felt himself wet his pants, entirely involuntarily.

"Drugs. Money. Now," the demoness said flatly.

Nervelessly Jamie handed them over, "Here. My compliments."

"Thank you," the priest beamed then the two jumped into a car (His, annoyingly.) hotwired it then sped off.

It took ten long minutes for the Lady's security to arrive, and by that time he had progressed beyond terrified to angry. "Where were you!" he yelped.

8:25 AM, Eastside, heading west.

"Do you go to hell for stealing a car from a drug dealer?" Descent had to ask as they hurtled along the road.

"I kind of think the karma cancels out," Sam grinned tightly. "Where's the next target?" she asked as they raced along.

"Coming up to it now," Descent answered as she pointed.

8:26 AM Eastside Market

Running loans out of the old marketplace was a risky job, Kieran knew. He had to handle a LOT of money, while also being on the watch for rival gangs. Yes, most people weren't nuts enough to cross the Lady, but then again there were always punks who didn't know the lay of the land.

So when the car came barreling up the street right at him, Kieran had his gun out in a second or two. "Shit," he yelped as a bullet HIT HIS GUN. Unlike in westerns the bullet pretty much exploded, but the shock was enough that he dropped the gun, yelping in alarm.

The car skidded to a stop as the one woman bounded out of the car. "Money and paperwork, now," she ordered, red eyes flashing.

Kieren made a whimpering sound, then reached into his jacket. "Here," he squeaked, passing it over weakly.

"Go go go!" the crazy woman behind the wheel chanted and the other bitch climbed in. In a second they were gone, leaving behind a cloud of fumes.

Kieren sat there limply a moment. He was in deep, deep shit once his boss found out. With a resigned sigh he pulled out his phone and dialed...

8:32 AM

"How long do you think it takes them to respond?" Descent had to ask as they raced through a area hit very hard by the riots.

"About five to ten minutes," Sam said. "They should be reaching our last strike in a few minutes," she noted.

"How long do you think we can keep ahead of them?" Descent wondered.

"Unless they anticipate our route, we've got some time," Sam shrugged.

8:40 AM Highlands Apartments. (Really a brothel.)

Jessica didn't really feel a lot of guilt running the brothel for Selene. YES the sorceress had mind-broken all the girls in the apartments into deviant sex slaves, but eh. They clearly enjoyed their work. Even better, as a half demon she could feed on the despair the girls still felt, deep in the back of their brains where Selene's brainwashing couldn't reach.

Or Selene deliberately left part of their minds free. She was sadistic enough to do that.

Jessica was casually sitting behind her desk in the lobby as she saw the older car skid around a corner, then head straight for her building. She waited for it to break, then ducked behind her desk as she realized they weren't breaking at all!

The car crashed right through the glass, skidding to a stop on the carpet and probably ruining it. "Did you HAVe to do that?" the black haired woman in the passenger's seat complained.

"There were protection spells on the enterance," the driver shrugged, "the iron in the car broke them for us."

"What the hell are you...?" Jessica demanded as she climbed out from under her desk.

"Hi!" the dark haired woman beamed. "I know you're part incubus or succubus. If you so much as try and demon mojo, I'll rip you in two. Got it?"

"Eep," Jessica yelped, realizing EXACTLY what she was dealing with.

"Money." the other woman ordered flatly. She hesitated as she asked, "And how many girls do you have here?"

"We can't rescue them," the dark haired woman said firmly to her friend, "You know that."

The lighter haired woman cursed, but nodded. "Money," she repeated to Jessica, "And I KNOW your boss is making blackmail vids. We want those too."

Jessica watched a few minutes later as the car crunched it's way out of the lobby and was off. She was in SO much trouble over this...

8:45 Enroute

"So what, exactly are we accomplishing with this?" Sam had to ask.

"We're showing her people the Lady can't protect them," Descent shrugged, "and we'r forcing her either to spread her forces out, or admit she can't protect them. Both hurt her in various ways."

"And the money?"

"Give it to charity."

To be continued...