The Hunters

this is my first story on fictionpress so dont be hatin

It was a typical Wednesday morning. I was running to school realizing I was late. Finally I got to school. I went down the hallways and realized that it was too quiet maybe just a little to quiet.

I was about to walk into my classroom when i realized everyone's hands were on there head. I carefully stuck my head in the classroom and saw 2 terrorists,both of them with ak-47's. I knew action had to be taken.

I couldn't think of what to do so I stuffed myself in my own locker. I waited a bit in the small cheap locker then an announcement came on, it said,"Attention all people in the building will all the students come to the Woodfield gym and will all the teachers come to the office."

After the announcements were over I opened my locker and got out of it and i joined a line of kids going to the gym. i quickly took out a usp and shot the 2 terrorists behind me and they fell dead on the ground.

I took there ak-47's and put 1 of them in my locker. I took one of them with me and went to the second floor where i met agent Oliver and me and him went to the washroom to discuss how were gonna defeat the terrorists.

Oliver-Aight were gonna save the children first were gonna lure out a couple of terrorists with this radio i found.

Daniel-Ok and once there out were gonna shoot them and take their guns and store them in my locker and were gonna tap into the P.A. system and tell the terrorists the whole building is surrounded with cops.

Oliver-no no no were gonna say we got ur leader Osama Bin Laden surrender ur weapons by giving it to the eighth graders.

Daniel-K. then tell them to come to room 7. As soon as they get there "BANG" we shoot them all.

Oliver-Ya but then won't Bin Laden here the gun shots?

Daniel-True but I brought silencers with me.


Daniel-K move move move

So Oliver went near the gymnasium and put the radio down on the floor and turned it on.

The terrorists came out and Oliver shot them. More of them came out and they got shot to. Eventually all of them came out and they all got shot. Then Oliver contacts me on the walkie talkie.

Oliver-Yo looks like theres a change in plan. I killed all the terrorists in the gym.

Daniel-K then throw in the sleeping gas and knock out all the kids.

Oliver-Yes sir!!!

So Oliver throws in the sleeping gas in the gymnasium and all the kids fall asleep

Oliver-Aight there all sleeping like lil kids

Daniel-Good now we focus on rescuing the people in the office


Daniel-Meet me on the 3rd floor washroom

Oliver-Roger that

I am walking to the 3rd floor when i hear gun shots i try to contact Oliver on the walkie talkie



Daniel-Where are you?

...There was no response after that.

What happened to Oliver? tune in next time for the next chapter of The Hunters