I'm back to writing,well... for now I am so enjoy!

I opened up my eyes and saw the beautiful sunrise.
I felt my face and my whole body and realized I didn't die and it was all a bad dream.
I called up Oliver and asked him if he wanted to chill. He agreed and he picked me up at my house and we went to Pacific Mall.

When we got to Pacific mall,we went to the arcade and we saw the most stunning sight ever! it was a gorgeous asian girl playing DDR!!!
me and Oliver argued about who should join her(ddr is a 2 player game and she was playing by herself).
anyways..Oliver won the arguement,put in his token in the machine and started playing as I watched.
After about clearing 4 stages Oliver was sweating like a pig. I was glad I didn't play.
Oliver was sweating so much that he took of his shirt. I could see the girls facial expression change as she was surprised to see Oliver's 6 pack.
the girl asked Oliver for his phone number. Oliver gave it to her.
After that me and Oliver decided to go home.I knew that he was just wanted that girl to call him. And I didnt want to be mean so I let him go.
Now Oliver is out of Pacific Mall and i'm there by myself. I walk around the arcade looking for something to do.
I've been walking in the arcade for a long period of time. So I decide to leave the arcade and browse the main floor.
I'm walking around the main floor. When I get to the food court,I see that it's just past the lunch hour rush and that it's not as crowded.
I see a different asian girl around my age sitting in a chair crying while eating Yang Chow fried rice.
I approach her and sit down and start to talk to her....
Daniel-Hey,why are you crying?
Girl-I'm crying because my boyfriend hits me a lot.
Daniel-Psh,some boyfriend you have,he treats you like dirt.
Girl-Yeah don't worry I so told him that he's abusing me and that we should never meet again.
Daniel-Good i'm glad you solved the problem. But why are you crying if you won?
Girl-I'm single now! I have no one to go to when I need cheering up,I have no one to hold on to.
Daniel-Well hey i'm single! what do you say? you and me?
Girl-hmm....well I don't really know you. But we could get to know each other better. Here's my phone number
*the girl takes out a piece of paper and pen and writes her phone number and gives it to me*
Girl-My name is Sophia. What's your name?
Daniel-The name's Daniel.
Sophia-Daniel eh? well i'll be waiting for your call. bye!

*Sophia then leaves the food court and walks out of my sight*
*I then look at the time and it's already 6pm. I also realize that she left her Yang Chow fried rice still on the table. So I closed the lid,picked it up and threw it in the garbage*

I started to walk out of Pacific Mall, I went to the bus stop and waited 16 minutes for the bus. It came, I got on.
On the bus I took a single seat. I looked at the piece of paper the her number on it and thought to myself,"Ack!,that's got to be a fake number."
And with that thought I crumpled the paper,opened the window and threw it out the moving bus.


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