Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of "Things You'd Never Hear Anywhere Else But Here'!!!

Okay, that's not entirely true. I'm sure people have said things like this before. But I'm positive that there are at least 20 quotes that you have NEVER heard before. Unless you were one of the people I quoted, or you were there when the particular person said it.

I don't consider this a list. It's a compilation of quotes throughout history. Something of an out-of-order history of my doings. Yeah, so this particular history is only the past year...big whoop.

ANYWAYS...This compilation is purely for your enjoyment, and mine. If you like a particular quote, feel free to mention it in a review. I like reviews. Reviews are very therapeutic, in a way. ^_^ Also, feel free to flame. All flames will be used to make s'mores and help keep my electricity bill low.


I can touch the couch with my toe! --Blanca

Everyone hug the Bish! --Bish

Great.icing on the cake... --Heebs
(Responding about Ben sending her several emails to apologize for anything he did...after he scared the crud out of her multiple times.)

He wouldn't know you liked him if you wrote it on a brick and threw it at him! --Heebs

Wow, are you psycho? Oops... Psychic? --Ben
Sure am!! To both. --Me
(I'm building up my telepathetic-ness. And I don't deny my psycho ability.)

I'm tired of waiting for stupid guys!!! Guys are the devil. --Heebs
Which would explain why some of them are so hot. --Me
(Horrible horrible puns..xD Couldn't help myself!! But yeah, guys are stupid. No offense to anyone, but they are.)

The last place I went to? Church. Before that? Richland. Ben's room. I had TP. --Me
(And with that TP, I accomplished a great feat. I seriously doubt he's ever had anyone TP his room. Which is a real shame.)

I can't think!! --Me
Your mind is in a fumble!! A lovely marble jarble of words and sonnets. --Heebs
Sonnets??!!! To WHO? Certainly not Mr. Movie-Quotes-and-Song- Lyrics. --Me

As you, and we all know, I am not a very patient man...or woman, for that matter. --Heebs
(Yes Heebs, we should HOPE you're not a very patient man...because that would be scary. And just plain wrong.)

The wheel is gone, but the hamster's still running. And my train of thought just left the station without me!! --ME

I like violence. But not permanent violence, such as cutting other people's hair without their consent...etc... --Heebs
I dunno...I think Ben would look pretty good with a bald spot. --Me
(Evil plottings, secret deeds, and SCISSORS!! Okay, maybe not scissors. I guess we'd probably have to use a razor.)

Out here, it doesn't matter if you have a bad rep. If a bunch of girls think you're cute, that tends to cancel out anything else. Because the majority of the girls at this school are airheaded-preppy-self-absorbed- divas. Or, they're trying to be, at least. --Me
(Reassuring Ben that he need not worry about having a bad reputation at my school.)

D'you want me to turn the light on? --Crystal
Nope. --Me
Are you a dark person? --Crystal
Yeah. You know, like...brooding. That sort of thing. --Me
Lord of the Rings kind of dark? --Crystal
I'm Gollum. --Me

Psychopath...forever and always, for the rest of my life, that word will refer to Ben. --Heebs
Amen to that! --Me
(So very very true...poor kid. Stuck with a bad rep. WHICH HE TOTALLY MADE FOR HIMSELF!!!!)

He's a fruit! --Me
Fruity Ben! --Heebs
Sounds like it should be a cereal... --Me
(Would you buy a cereal named Fruity Ben? Nah, I wouldn't either.)

Ahh, whatever. I am superboy. --Ben
I'm trying not to laugh, I really am. --Me
(He was talking about being able to withstand any pain from getting his wisdom teeth pulled. And I, being the most excellent friend I am, decided to mock him.)

Personally, I've got issues with my family's incapability to put the lid back on the peanut butter. --Me
Yeah, that would drive me nutty. *pause* Did not even intend in any way shape or form for that pun to be there. --Ben

I need a shirt that says 'PDAs Bite'. --Me

Well THAT was stupid! But what can you expect...this IS you we're talking about. --Me
(I love Mace. Dearly. But he IS stupid sometimes.)

Life will be better. --Ben
Oh, I don't doubt it will be. The fact that all the guys I've ever liked have been completely unattainable doesn't help though! --Me

Wanna go golfing for my birthday??! --Mace
I got an idea. YOU golf, I drive. --Me
And we all DIE. --Mace
No, not die. Just go into critical condition. --Me

Bloody blazing ashes. --Ben
Bloody blazing FLAMING ashes. --Ben
(Two of Ben's most favorite phrases. Both are interchangeable.)

Oh, cry me a flaming river, build a bridge, jump off it and drown! --Ben
HEY!! That's MY line! Except for the flaming part. --Me
(Ben and I arguing over whose catchphrase it REALLY is. IT'S MINE I TELL YOU!)

Just spifferlicous! Mine are radsuki, knarly, awesome, bossenova, tubular, the ultimate... And the list goes on and on! Oh, and awesukisuki! -- Blanca
(We were going over our catchphrases in class. EVERY person needs a catchphrase! ...Or five.)

No, the flaming is strictly for use where you are concerned. --Ben
(The correct usage of the word 'flaming'.)

I hate feeling like I want a boyfriend. Because I know I really don't, but I feel like it anyways. DUMB CHICK-EMOTIONS!! --Me

If the Lord had told us everything, then where's the surprise party?
(I don't really remember who said that...but it was hilarious at the time!)

It's 10:30!!!!! And you expect me to be able to think?? --Me
Do I ever? --Ben
Ouch. That hurts, it really does. --Me
Or at least it would, if there were something to process it with. -- Ben

Oh come on! It's not like it'll kill you. It may injure you seriously, or scar you for life, but that's no reason to stay in the car. --Me
(Claire refused to come with me and go visit Ben. So, naturally, being the amazing friend I am, I forced her.)

I got NOTHING. --Me
Except for a nice car. So, technically, you don't need a boy! All you need is some money. --Ben
Okay, wait...so if I have a car, that means I don't need a guy? Well then THAT may explain why I can't get a stupid date! --Me

Punk. I oughta... --Mace
Gimme a hug??! --Me
(Dunno why, but he got mad at me for being cute. ^_^)

Deal is, why did she flaming go to the blazing dance if she didn't want to see me? --Ben
(More over-usages of his favorite words. AND MORE TO COME!!!)

I need to be quiet before my stupidity overcomes my intelligence. Which won't take long. --Me

Bad mood today, Ben? --Me
Just recently. --Ben
What's up now? --Me
Maybe... This conversation? --Ben
I'm THAT depressing, eh? --Me
Oh, surely sometimes. --Ben
Thanks. So not only do I depress myself, I depress my friends! Woo hoo. --Me
Aye. What are friends for? --Ben

So, you are probably right. Maybe I am sorry that your head doesn't work right now. --Ben
(Lying to me. No, SERIOUSLY!! :P)

It is now my official duty to put you on a guilt trip. See, it's even on paper! --Me

I know. I talked to her on Saturday, apparently before she decided that I was scary again. --Ben
I would make a comment, but don't want to. It probably wouldn't be taken well at the moment. --Me
Make it. --Ben
She probably thought you were scary the whole time! --Me
(Ben being depressed, and me not helping the situation.)

He's a WHACKO!! --Me
(About Ben, after a dance we went to. AND HE IS!!)

Dude, that's a cool playground...oh wait. It's a power station. --Me
(After coming home from the aforementioned dance.)

It's not that you're SCARY, just that you've got some problems. --Me
YES. Some of us just don't show it as well as you. --Me
Well flaming ashes. --Ben

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? -- Ben
Ask a woodchuck. --Me
No. I asked you. --Ben
As much wood as it darn well felt like! --Me

Dagnab!! --Me
(Frequent exclamation when something is frustrating, annoying, or just plain stupid.)

Temperamental...or just mental. --Me
Sorry. Brain not working right now... --Ben
HA!!!!!!!! Join the club!!! --Me
It just stopped a minute ago. --Ben
So you can join the club as of a minute ago. --Me