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You want to know why women don't fight with swords? --Me
Why? --Heebs
They'd be constantly checking their reflections. --Me
(True that! We had an object lesson once, where we passed around a sword. And I kid you not, nearly half the girls checked their reflections. DUMB!!)

How did milk and raisins get on my alarm clock?!! --Angela
(And at 8:16 in the morning.)

Whoa there, skippy! --Me
Wha?! --Claire
I just really want to say that to a guy. Any guy. -Me

You weirdo! --Brooklyn
Hey! I haven't been called weirdo in a long time! I've kinda missed it. --Me
Good. I'm glad I've made such an impact on your life, Miss Weirdo. --Brooklyn
Yay!! I feel just so dagnabbed honored. --Me
(Explanations are highly overrated.)

He knows that I know that he knows that I know you. --Me
(Umm...even if I TRIED to explain it, I don't think you'd understand.)

Tell all, or the fudge gets it! --Claire
Then the fudge gets it. Wait. Fudge?? FUDGE??!!! --Me
(I want fudge. Fudge is good, soothing, and all-powerful.)

If you read it, though, you have to eat it when you're done. --Geige I dunno if I could eat it light reading? 'Cause I'm kind of on a diet. --Me
(Some things need not be explained.)

The letters on my nametag are upside-down. --Ben
Maybe if you think hard enough, you'll get an explanation. --Me
...Ouch. I think that's the response that comes after that remark -- Ben
Why? Because you actually took my advice and thought hard? --Me
(HECK YEAH!!!! I got him, and it's about time. Ben had worn his work-nametag to a dance, and was being funny. So I just took the opportunity to zing him, in an entirely friendly manner.)

GAH!!! CLAIRE! Claire Claire Claire Claire! --Me
(While shaking said Claire, upon hearing Magneto's line at the beginning of the X-Men 2 Trailer.)

It's meant to be!! I'm meant to go to BYU and meet the guy that looks like Sean Biggerstaff! --Me
(Geige was telling me about this guy at BYU...and I had just been accepted to BYU!! Turns out I didn't go...I'm at BYU-Idaho instead. ^_^)

Mason is as sharp as a box of marbles. --Bish
Mason IS a box of marbles. --Hilmes
An EMPTY box! --Clay
Clay doesn't HAVE a box! --Mason
(During our English class.)


If only we were all stupid. --Me
Unfortunately, we're not all stupid. --Claire
(We had just been discussing how we were being stupid over the guys we like, and we wondered what would happen if they were being stupid over us.)

When I have a kid, I'm gonna name him Bubba Chubby. --Gage
(My brother, who is only eight, comes up with some of the most original ideas. O_o;)

Do you know where any of the letters are? --Me
No. --Claire
I hate you. Gimme gum. --Me
(Claire started several letters to her cousin, and I was supposed to write a little comment to him in her letters. BUT SHE LOST THEM.)

He's just not using the right head. --Marcos
(Comment to the teacher about this kid in our Multimedia class who kept answering with the stupidest things we'd ever heard in our lives.)

Oh, he's a crackup all right. That and he's cracked. --Me
(About my cousin, who has changed his name at LEAST six times.)

Did he just say what I think he said? --Claire
You mean, did he cuss? I don't know, why don't you ask him? Hey, did you cuss? What? NO, never!! --Me
(Claire thought someone had sworn. I was just being overly- sarcastic.)

I am not crazy, contrary to popular demand. --Me
(Forget popular belief. Everyone demands that I'm crazy. WELL I'M NOT!!!! *goes back to her karaoke party with the X-Men 2 cast*)

That's next to the point! --Claire
(MULTIPLE times. Generally when she's disagreeing with me.)

I think he's gorgeous. And who wouldn't?! With that squashed nose, and those beautiful brown eyes that look green in this other picture I have of him... I can't believe I just said Shane West has a squashed nose!! --Me
(IT'S HORRIBLE!!! I don't even know why I said that! I guess the picture I was looking at made his nose look a little...erm...more compact, I suppose. -__-;)

Tastes like alcoholic caffeine! --Jace
(My brother, being VERY weird. Talking about what caffeinated root beer without the root would taste like.)

I have a question.....why is there a Disney character named after the Prince of the Underworld? --Brooklyn
The who?? --Geige
Hades aka Pluto aka...Pluto. --Brooklyn
(Asking The-Big-Questions-of-the-Universe-That-No-One-Knows-the- Answers-To.)

I like horses, but there has to be more than 130 of them. --Bish
What? --Clay
Horsepower, you (insert expletive). --Hilmes
(The boys in my drama class, being random as usual.)

Whaddya mean you got seven colts from one mare?? --Sterling
It was a Clydesdale. --Roby
(Discussing life on the farm, and Roby's reason for being late to class.)

You mess with one bean, you mess with the whole taco! --Derek
That's burrito. --Kase
(An old-time phrase used around here. But sometimes people mess it up.)

No prob, Bob! --Me
(I'm on this old-school-elementary kick right now. I guess I just don't want to grow up, or something like that...)

Abe Lincoln had a great impact on the United States. --Korrine
Because he's on the penny. And everyone's got pennies! --Skyler

Marijuana is good for you, because it eases the pain. --Koelzer
Yeah, only because you're HIGH. --Me
(We were having a debate in our government class about legalizing marijuana. Sorry, but I'm AGAINST it!)

Nobody knows their, geography. --Skyler
(Our teacher was asking us where the Himalayas were. Apparently, we don't know our math either.)

Let's have a pity party sometime soon, okay? But NO CRYING!!! Just random acts of violence. --Me

My memory is shot!!!!!! With a 22. --Me

Why do you ask? --Korrine
Curiosity. --Sterling
Curiosity killed the cat. --Me
Good thing I'm not a cat. --Sterling
You're're a DOG. --Claire

Life is fun, when you run. --Me
With a friend! --Sherri
Yeah, chasing you down!!! --Me
(We were making fun of track, the dumbest sport in the world. Next to water polo, cross country, and golf.)

He's ignorant. --Mace
NO, he's just plain STUPID!!! --Me
(We were talking about Ben, and how he just can't seem to get a clue.)

We don't know what we're doing. --Crystal
I know what I'M doing. It's just not the assigned problem. --Me
(I hated Math Team. So I would consistently draw manga characters instead of the assignments.)

There are two things on my priority list. Prom, and X-Men 2. At the present moment, however, X-Men 2 holds more importance in my mind. --Me
(May 2 this year, I was determined to be at the local premiere of X- Men 2. Prom was set for May 3. I accomplished both feats easily. It was just lovely, really.)

Yes world, you heard correctly. I am going to Prom. Not that it'll be better than X-Men 2, mind you. --Me

That whole crouton-of-Christ... --Clay
You mean the Catholic wafer? --Alicia
Yeah. I'm just gonna go up there and say 'No thanks, I gave it up for Lent.' --Clay
(When our AP English class starts getting dull, Clay always comes through and says something hilarious...and shocking, for some people.)

Know what you need? --Claire
An anti-depressant? --Me
No...well, yeah. --Claire
(I was griping about stupid unattainable boys. So sue me. And I never did get that anti-depressant.)

What would be the best summer job? --Mr. Gerson
Drug dealer! --Koelzer

I'm starting to think his only real purpose is to keep us laughing. Although it's AT him, not with him. --Me
(Explaining my theory on why we all like to laugh at Ben. Of course, I haven't told HIM this yet. And for good reasons. Them being that he'd shoot me!)

OW!! --Me
What happened? --Bish
He bit me! --Me
OW!! --Devin
Did he just bite someone else? --Me
Yeah! --Devin
Quit biting! Eat some chicken! --Clay
(This actually happened. It was really weird, too.)

I've found some Hispanic folk tales. --Ms. Burris
And the bandito rolled over the hill. --Clay
The Legend of the Golden Bandito! --Matt
(We had to write this anthology about ourselves, and had to include folk tales. And since over half our school is Hispanic...)

I'm running away to Europe, but the guy I'm running from is coming with me! --Me

Here's my theory: It'll take three years for me to find a guy that'll put up with me. And about six months to get engaged! I'd say my theory's pretty accurate. --Me