Well hot damn, I had to go and get all sentimental on the red-haired
goose-necked spaz! *said with affection* O_O


Well, good bye Patty. I'm sorry to see you go. You gave us Wingfans
a 'villain' we all loved to hate. You were arrogant and unlikable,
but hey, you were good. You made the 'butterfly' your trademark, and
legions of young french-canadian boys worship you like you're a god.
I suppose you're making way for the Next Ones - Martin Brodeur
specifically, but the NHL won't be the same without your
personality, or your idiosyncracies. It just won't be the same. I'm
going to miss your spastic head twitches, your mangling of the
English language, your waving of your glove in the air like you're
hailing a taxi cab in New York City. I am going to miss loving to
hate you. You had fire, personality. It's hard for one to drum up
hatred for a bland youngster like David Aebischer, or a minor
leaguer like Phillippe Sauve. They are not Patrick Roy, and they
never will be.

There will never be another Patrick Roy. As much as the ESPN dolts
would like to believe, JS Giguere is not the second coming of
Patrick Roy. He's not even the Next One - that position has been
reserved for Martin Brodeur since Brodeur first came on the scene.
It's time for the changing of the guard, and it will never be the

Today is a sad day in hockey.