The generated breeze fanned through my face in the sweltering heat. Shadows remaining in their still motion, a looming replica of the inanimate objects in the room. Only the regular rising and falling of my chest indicated the existence of a breathing being inside the dreaded white realm. These days everything seems to bore me. There's nothing worthwhile to do here anymore, at least that's what I think.

It was another day, another morning of routines. Even the constant waking into the immaculately clean world had somehow felt tiring for me. So there go the days of my life, opening my eyes in order to shut them once again as empty as before. It was a cycle never breaking, an eternal loop that has tied me mercilessly onto her invisible path. There is no escape, no escaping the cursed white room.

I am like a caged bird, locked up to waste oxygen and to lie deadly still in my hospital bed. I cry for help but nobody hears me. I cry for help until I couldn't cry any more, going into myself, a lifeless doll. I am alive. Yet I am also dead. Catatonic, for what seemed like forever.

But in the infinite whiteness, in the nothingness surrounding me, a voice materialized. It penetrated my soul as sunshine passing through glass. It woke me up from mental slumber, a wake up call for life.

"Would you like to escape and come with me? Outside? To dance?" His image came through my lucid eyes, breaking the rigid pattern of blank walls and immaculate curtains. He had raven-hued hair and bright blue eyes. The sky. His gaze was the crystal brilliance of the high heavens and my mind cleared, remembering him from the past, a friend that I had left behind. He continued speaking about things we have shared, of waltzes and salsas, of the life I had once lived. A skillful dancer fading into a sickly teen to die and be forgotten, that had been my terrible fate.

I had pondered on what he had said. He wants me to go with him in a dance contest even if it was against my doctor and parents' wishes. But going outside meant death. Subjecting my weak body into that pressure would surely cause it to break down earlier than expected. I don't want to die. As much as I want to get out of this boring room I'm afraid to leave this world anytime soon. Mom and Dad. I don't want to abandon them after all they had gone through for me.

But that means I'm living for them and not for myself. In that way.

Am I truly alive at all?

He offered a hand towards me, waiting for the decision I hadn't made yet. It quivered for some reason as if the answer I will give would make a difference between life and death. Yes, it will. I know. My eyes closed for a moment. It wasn't easy deciding whether to live or to die.


I shook out the remains of immobility in my body then took the outstretched hand in front of me. His face glowed up in a charming smile just as the dance floor's lights hit our formal figures. I had made a conscious decision over my fate. Dying? Or maybe living? It all depends on one's perspective.

We danced joyously along with the music, gliding and swaying like there's no tomorrow. Actually, there isn't one anymore as I started to feel the familiar ache in my chest. No, I'm not dying. For the first time in my life I felt truly alive. My parents would have been surprised at the vitality my form was showing.

My friend noticed the tightening of my grip on his hand. He cast a concerned look, asking me if I was okay. I knew I was not. I heard voices chanting in my head as I struggled to perfect my steps.

"You'll die! If you're going to continue this you are going to die!" No matter what they say I'm never going back to that poor excuse of a life! In the end I would die anyway, like the rest of them. What difference does it make? At least in this short span of time I had escaped from the room that would have been my soul's grave.

I was already having a hard time breathing and my partner clutched at my collapsing frame. His deep-set orbs focused on mine, drowning me in their depths. I blinked. I saw the sky in its pure beauty, unlocking my cage and setting me free. I flew out into the horizons, never looking back. I am grateful for him. For in his arms I was allowed to be reborn.