I am Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer,

My body is exposed to the light,

I am trembling, mom and dad where are you?

Hold my hand, they're prying me open,

Decapitating the found rodents,

Bleaching the skulls and chicken bones,

Nailing the dog's carcass in the woods,

This is where it started for me

I strive to make walking zombies,

Mom and dad are squalling, divorce is final,

Borrowing dad's car, driving around,

I drive around the countryside, there he is,

Walking, his strong sweaty torso,

I ask the hitchhiker to come along,

We come back to my place, smoke some weed,

Nineteen year old Steven Hicks,

He stays for a while, he is now sickened,

I pounce him down to the floor,

Thrashing him with the dumb-bell,

Strangling him, dismembering the body,

Pounding the bones with the sledgehammer,

Hiding the flash in a bag, in the crawl space,

Under my grandmother's house, not to be found,

I take up drinking, alcohol my savior,

All I need is cigarettes and drinks,

Years endured later, another Steven,

I get him drunk, and smash his chest,

I want his heart, his fucking bleeding heart,

Placing his carcass into the trunk,

Continuing to smash him to pieces in the basement,

A new plan, I discover a new pleasure,

I pound into the dead corpse,

My necrophiliac urges take the best of me,

I do not smile, the dead has no response,

For my morbid and crucial fetish,

I just take care of my sexual urges,

The skulls are trophies in my fridge,

And the bodies are placed in the vats,

I lace their drinks with drugs,

Bribing my victims with money,

To pose nude, unaware of my twisted actions,

Photographing each step, each dismembering,

I feast upon the biceps, soon maybe the heart,

Konerak, I took the drill to his head,

Still alive, injecting hydrochloric acid,

Wanting a walking dead zombie,

I continue this on another living man,

My zombie creations only fail,

My gag is up, my enticement no longer worked,

Placing the handcuff on Tracy's right arm,

Reaching for the knife, it is too late,

He escapes, and now I am taken into jail,

Am I a pervert? The Milwaukee monster?

Tears spring from my eyes several times

The bodies are not worth feasting upon,

Not anymore, I killed all 17 of them.

ID #177252, and occupied cell 648,

I do not care if I die now, take me,

Kill me Christopher, leave my inmate alone,

You say it is God's order, bash me in,

Kill me, drive the bar into my head

I lay here sprawled and bleeding,

"I don't care if I die,

Please tell the world I am sorry

For what I have done"

I am Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer,

The world we never see me again.

A/N: I WARNED YOU! LoL.. okay you are probably wondering why I

wrote this. I'd like to know that myself *shrugs* but I have been

reading a lot about serial killers and Jeffrey Dahmer has intrigued me.

So I am sorry if these images offend you, this is not my creation,

these are the real things he has done if you do not know anything

about Dahmer. It is disturbing, but I chose to write about it. I am

not defending his actions that he had done, and I hope that any human

does not go through the brutal murders that he had done a long time

ago. I am sorry if I offended anyone, and was a bit too graphic...

I based all of this upon facts and Dahmer's confessions. If you are

morbid and are a fan of this, go ahead and review, if not, please do

not flame it. Thank you.