Omake: Cousins

 "…I have no complaints other than an aunt with a sharp tongue
and a cousin who got me in trouble more times than I can remember."
- Terzian, Boi Interrupted


"The stars…are…very pretty."

"Idiot. It's daytime."

I hear someone moan. Wait.  That's me.  And the stars, it slowly dawns on me, are nothing more than bright flashes of light bursting into my vision when I try to lift my head.  I blink my eyes, chase way those flashes of light and color, and remember. A broken branch, dangling from a few strips of bark and wood, swings high above me in the morning breeze.  Several smaller bent and snapped branches mark my journey back down to Mother Earth.

"For a changeling, you have all the grace of a drunk warthog.  I thought you said it'd take your weight."

The freckled face hovering over me grins crookedly and I swat at him, claws out.  If he's too slow to avoid getting his lovely gray eyes scratched it's not my problem, and fortunately for me he's as quick as ever. Auntie would be very "put out" otherwise.

"Get up."

"The clouds…they look like…bunnies."

"Now you're just being stupid."

He's right.  My head is no longer spinning, and I could get up if I wanted to, but it's much more fun trying his patience.  So I lie there, face up, staring at the clouds drifting beyond the lacey green of the canopy.

"Ow!"  A boot in my side is what finally not only gets me to my feet but also racing across the camp after the redheaded idiot I have the pleasure of calling "cousin".

The day is young, and we have only just begun our mischief.