Online and Offline Love

Chapter 11

When Ken got inside his room, he took out his cell and was about to call Katie when he noticed he had a lot of voice messages that he didn't read yet. All were sent to him today. He deleted them all knowing that all of them were probably from different girls and then dialed Katie's number.

"Hi, Ken! I called you today but your parents picked up. I…" Katie was cut short.

"Katie, why did you tell my parents about the things I told you when we were little? Can't you keep anything yourself? I find you very annoying these days. I just can't stand you at all sometimes too. Can't you just…just shut up for once? Just because I wasn't there to stop you from spilling something, you should learn to keep your mouth shut. I'm damn serious about this," Ken said madly. Finally! Now I told her almost everything I hate about her…she keeps talking and talking, 24/7!

"Oh…I'm sorry, Ken. I didn't mean to tell your parents so much…I thought this was something to be happy about. I didn't mean to get you mad at me. I'm so sorry," Katie apologized.

Ken calmed back down completely after hearing her apologize. It must in the tone of her voice that makes him feel so guilty after expressing his anger towards her. He sighed, "It's okay…I guess."

"I'm so sorry, Ken. I really am. What can I do to make up for my wrong doing? Please tell me. I'll do anything. I promise I won't tell your parents anything about us again. Okay? Just don't be mad at me, please…" Katie begged.

"It's not that…arg, I don't want to talk to you right now. Just go," with that Ken cuts the phone.


Samantha got home around 11 that day all because of Ken. She got yelled at by her parents because they thought she was doing something bad that's why she came home so late. Samantha, then, told them what really happened.

"You mean they actually took your shirt and so you got this ugly one?" her mother comments. Samantha was wearing the school's shirt instead of her favorite shirt because they needed to use her shirt's stain for the experiment.

"I think you should go change right now because your school is against that school and if your schoolmates see you with that shirt, they'll think you're a traitor. It happened to be before. Didn't you tell the boy that spilled soda on your shirt that you're from HS 275?" her father asked.

"Yeah I did but I think he was ignoring me the whole time…that loser…" Samantha sneered. "Anyway, I think I'll change now. I really don't even want to wear this shirt."

"Okay, because I don't even want to see it. Hurry up and change," her father told her. Samantha began to make her way to her room when her mother said, "You can do your homework tomorrow."

Samantha nodded and disappeared in her room. She wanted to go online but when she looked at the clock and remembered what happened today, all she wanted was some sleep. When she finished taking a bath, she went straight to bed.

The next morning came fast. She decided to do her homework in the morning so she could spend the rest of her day doing something else. So she finished her homework after 2 hours. Since she didn't have to study for tests or anything, she decided to go online.

When she got online, Ken was not on yet. She frowned. Usually he'd be on this time. Why not today? Oh well, maybe something happened today. Maybe he's busy.

She was about to get offline when another person IMed her.

UrKindOfGurl: Sammie you're on!

Alter My Destiny: Hi…who are you?

UrKindOfGurl: It's me, Samantha, Christina!

Alter My Destiny: Christina?? How'd you know my SN?!

UrKindOfGurl: Sammie, I know everything.

Alter My Destiny: Yeah right.

UrKindOfGurl: I do! You can test me!

Alter My Destiny: Okay, whatever. What do you want anyway?

UrKindOfGurl: Oooh, that's a mean thing to say to your new best friend!

Alter My Destiny: New best friend?

UrKindOfGurl: Yup! Aren't you happy to become my new best friend?

Alter My Destiny: Uh…not really. Why am I your new best friend anyway?

UrKindOfGurl: Because I lost my best friend so you're her replacement!

Alter My Destiny: …oh…okay…Can I say no to your offer?

UrKindOfGurl: No.

Alter My Destiny: Okay…

UrKindOfGurl: We can do a lot of things together, Sammie! What me and my ex best friend use to do but we'll have more fun together! Are you free tomorrow or today?

Alter My Destiny: I guess. It's a good thing I finished all my homework before so I'm free for the rest of today and tomorrow.

UrKindOfGurl: That's great! We can spend a lot of time together, then! Let's go somewhere today!

Alter My Destiny: Like where?

UrKindOfGurl: Like the park!

Alter My Destiny: Which park?

UrKindOfGurl: The one near the school.

Alter My Destiny: Isn't that park near HS 276?

UrKindOfGurl: Yup.

Alter My Destiny: Then let's go somewhere else.

UrKindOfGurl: Why? I like that park!

Alter My Destiny: Because it's near HS 276 and I don't like that school.

UrKindOfGurl: Uh-huh. Fine, then, let's just meet there.

Alter My Destiny: Okay, fine, what time?

So after talking to Christina online, she got off and went to get breakfast, it was a good thing her mother was home and cooked for her. She didn't want to go outside and buy herself breakfast again…Well…maybe I do…a little…

As she walked into the kitchen, memories of the first time Ken had ever talked to her came back into her mind. She couldn't help but smile when she sat on the chair for breakfast.

That was the exact moment her mother walked over to her and noticed her daughter in a happy mood. "Samantha, you seem very happy. Why? Not that I mind or anything," she said.

"Huh? Oh nothing…oh yeah, I'm going somewhere today with my friend," Samantha told her.

"Oh, sure, honey. That's nice. Have fun," her mom laid the breakfast on the table and got ready for work.


Ken was still sleeping in his room. As the clock's pointer hit 8, his cell phone rings. Usually he'd be up before 8 to do the countdown but he was too tired from yesterday.

Ken searched for his cell phone on the desk near his bedside with his eyes closed. When he got it, he pressed send and said, "Who is it?"

"Ken? This is Tanya. I want to talk to you about the play with Mr. Drew," the person on the other line said.

"Tanya? Oh, right, okay, what is it? What is there to talk about?" Ken asked sleepily.

"I don't think you want the lead role, I mean the leading female happens to be Samantha Reed and she can't act. Plus, she's not pretty at all. Maybe you can ask her to switch roles with me so I can be the leading female and you can stay being the main guy character?" Tanya asked.

"I didn't hear a word you said before, I'm tired, bye," Ken pressed "end" and then puts the phone back onto the desk and falls back asleep.

He only got to sleep for 20 more minutes because later his parents woke him up for breakfast and a whole day planned out for him. He was going to spend the whole day with his parents.

"Ah, hell no I'm not spending my Saturday with you guys, no way," Ken objects after he got dressed and finished breakfast.

"Ken, you can't be that way. Your father and I decided to take a day off so we can spend the day with you and I don't want to hear you complain," his mother told him.

"Well too bad because there's no way in hell am I going anywhere with you guys," Ken said as he got up from a chair and sat on the sofa. He opened the television and began to watch it.

"Ken! How can you be so disrespectful to your mother?! I…" his father was cut short because the bell rang. He sighed and went to get the door while his wife looked like she was going to kill her son any minute.

Ken just ignored everything and puts his whole attention on the television. Later his father came back with Katie by his side. "Well, I guess your mother and I will be going alone, it's a good thing Katie came, so you're off the hook, next time, you won't have that much luck."

"What? Forget it, I'm sorry, mom! I want to spend the day with you! I was only kidding around before, serious!" Ken called. He ran to his mother for forgiveness.

"No, it's okay, Ken. I forgive you; you can spend time with Katie instead. Your father and I have somewhere to go anyway, bye," with that his parents left the house.

Ken walked back to the living room to watch television. Katie was next to him the entire time, she didn't say anything though. She just sat there like a damn doll.

"Katie, why are you here?" Ken asked after what seem to be forever.

"I came to visit you, Ken. I hope you don't mind. I'm not telling your parents anything. I just came to see you," Katie told him sincerely.

Ken hated when she does that, it makes him feel very guilty. It seems like everything was his fault. Why is she being so damn nice?? "Katie, why do you like me?"


Samantha was now in the park near HS 276. She was the first one there it seems. Christina told her to be there at 12:00 so they could spend the whole day together and she also said that she'd be there first. Christina is such a liar. She's supposed to be here first! What if I see Ken??

She waited and waited. The minutes that past were like hell to her. What's taking Christina so long to come here anyway?? That's it! Next time she asks me to go anywhere with her, I'm going to be the last one there!

"You! It's you again?! What are you doing here?" came a familiar voice.

Samantha turned to the person who was talking. Oh…just the person I don't want to see here…Ken "Well I'm not looking for you so leave me alone!" Samantha yelled.

Ken rolled his eyes, "Whatever, I don't care; just don't let me see you again." With that, he walked away.

"Yeah, well, I don't want to see you ever again either!!" Samantha screamed after him. When he was out of sight and sighed madly. That guy…he's so rude.

After awhile, Christina showed up. "I'm so sorry for being late, Sammie! I was online and well…I forgot about the meeting…sorry!" she apologized.

"Er…whatever. Okay, now what? Where are we going to go?" Samantha asked. She looked around; there was nothing to play with here anyway.

"It's lunch time; let's grab something to eat in a fast food restaurant!" Christina suggested.

"But I'm not hungry yet…" Samantha objects.

"I am! I didn't eat breakfast! Please, Samantha?? Respect your best friend!" Christina said pulling Samantha to the nearest fast food restaurant and that store happens to be McDonald.

After getting their orders, they found a table and sat down. Samantha was feeling rather embarrassed the whole time because McDonald was a store full of kids…and they were staring at them like sad puppies…

Christina noticed Samantha not eating and looked at the kids. "Sheesh, Samantha, just ignore them and eat, aren't you one bit hungry?" Christina asked her.

"Not really…plus, they look like they want some of your food, Christina…" Samantha noted. The kids were watching Christina eat.

"Ah…shoot, kids. I'm eating and I'm hungry," Christina said while taking a big bite out of her hamburger.

"Uh…Christina…that's a bit mean…" Samantha said, she looked at the kids who looked sadly back at her.

"I could care less. Kids are always like that, I'm used to it already," Christina said with a shrug.


"Because, Ken, you were there when I needed you most. You were the first person to ever accept me. When you left Canada to come to USA, I realized how hard it is to live without you by my side. But…if you truly don't feel the same, I understand. It's been almost 8 years…" Katie replied.

Ken was taken aback. If she didn't remind him, he would've forgotten, it has been almost 8 years. But…I was only a kid then. I knew nothing about love.

There was silence.

"Uh…Ken, I'm sorry I bothered you. I think I should be going back home now. You don't seem to want me here anyway," Katie said sadly. She got up from the sofa and headed for the door.

"I'm sorry, Katie. Maybe we're better off friends," Ken apologized. He didn't get up from the sofa to stop her from leaving.

Katie forced a smile, "I see. Alright, then friends we'll be…" with that, she left the house.

When he was sure she was gone…after 4 minutes, he lets out a heavy sigh. Did I do the right thing? Well, either way, I'm feeling better now…at least I hope so…

Then his cell phone rang.

He pressed the "send" button and said, "What is it, Steven?"

"Ken, is Katie at your house?" Steven asked.

"She just left, why?" Ken asked back.

"Nothing, just asking. I just don't like her, that's all," Steven said truthfully.

"Why do you hate her? What did she do to you?"

"Nothing, nothing, don't worry about it. Hey, I need to buy a new computer, can you go with me? I'm not so good at picking new things," Steven said.

"But I'm no good with computers either. I rarely use one."

"Just come anyway."

"Fine, what time?"

"I'll meet you at your house. Coming right now."


"I can't believe you made me pay for food the kids want. Just because their parents were away for some insane reason, you made me pity them," Christina glares at Samantha.

"Well it was nice of you. Did you see the kids' face? They were really happy!" Samantha said happily.

They were now leaving McDonald with Christina looking sadly at her wallet.

"Hey, don't look so down, Christina. It was just a few dollars. I would've paid for them myself but I'm sorta broke…" Samantha explained.

"You call 50 bucks 'a few dollars'?! You're kidding me, Samantha! Oh well…let's just get over this horrible loss and go shopping," Christina suggested.

"Okay, which store?"

"The computer store! It's just over there!"

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