The Castle of Shrelth: Part one of the Sixth grade chronicles

" Akeela, you really shouldn't read your story in class. Everyone will laugh at you!" yelled Monique, my best friend

" Monique, it's really nice that you care about me embarrassing my self, but I want to read my story in class I can and I will!" I said as I stomped off.

I had known Monique since kindergarten, but lately she had been acting different.

In the past, she had been almost acceptive of my obsession with reading and writing fantasy, but now she only cared about which color of lip-gloss matched her eye shadow.

Personally, I thought that she was jealous that I had gotten an A on my story in English class and that's he had gotten an F.

that was why she didn't wan time to read it on six grade story sharing day.

She was scared that every one would love it.

I would show her. I went over to the swings and sat down on one.

I began to swing, gently.

" It's called fantasy for a reason, Akeela, It's not real," I said to my self, mocking Monique. " She'll see when I'm a famous author, an she's living in her one care Garage."

The bell rang. All of the kids that were in 6th grade filed into the auditorium.

I was supposed to read my story in ten minuets. The Class brain.

Tina was going to read her essay on the joys of calculus before me.

I stood back stage and listen to Tina blabber on and on about a type of math that most of us will never even take until college

" And that is why, I think that elementary schools should include calculus in their curriculum. Thank you," said Tina as she finished.

The whole auditorium burst into hysterical laughter.

Mr. Makley came on stage and took the microphone

" People settle down!!!! That was a very wonderful essay Tina. I'll talk to the principal about letting you take calculus this year! Okay next up is Akeela Miles with her story entitled, the castle of Shrelth," Mr. Makley said.

I walked out on stage. Their were more sixth grades than I had remembered. Maybe Monique was right, and my story was stupid.

" Um, h..Hi is AK.Akeena. Er my story is c..c..Called the castle pf Shrelth. Uh. h..h..ere goes nothing," I said, patheticly.

" Once upon a time, there was a castle,"

A few people laughed

" It was called the Castle of Shrelth. A beautiful but horrible Empiress lived l there,"

A few more people laughed

" Her name was, Verika, and she was trying to kill-"

I was cut off by a burst of laughter from the audience.

Before I knew it, they were all laughing as hard as they could.

I didn't think my story was that stupid?

Apparently the crowd did though.

As I ran of the stage, Monique's triumphant face stood out in the audience.

I ran madly down the hall. I was hardly aware that Mrs. Robinus yelled at me to stop running.

I didn't' know where I was going until I got there. The third floor girls Bath Room, Uthwise known as dorkette roost.

It was where all of the social rejects were. If you dumped by your boyfriend where did you go? Dorkette roost.

Where did you go if Michelle Kidful, the most popular girl in school, made fun of your cool retro outfit? Dorkette roost.

Of coarse the other girls' bathrooms where hangouts for the losers of the 6th grade populous too, Losers corner located in the basement bathroom, Calculus club second floor cafeteria bathroom. Dorkette roost was the only one where I really felt at home.

Not only was it a place to feel at home it was also the center of black- marketed hall passes, term papers, lunch charge cards, and GOOD school pictures.

I will admit to selling my very valuable Math to nurse's office pass on the 6th grade black market. T here was even a soda bar, which Jen, the only girl to ever skip a class, ran on high bathroom traffic hours.

In fifth grade, Monique and I had come here very single morning before school.

That was before she decided that I was a total loser. It didn't matter though. As I opened the door, I heard a girl shouting my name

" Aky! What's up girl? We haven't seen you in a while! What happened this time?"

" Hey, Jen," I said as I walked over to the *Bar*. " I'll have a Pint of Mountain Dew," " Woo hooo, something really bad must have happened, Akeela, Your hitting the mountain dew pretty hard there," said Jen. So I told her the whole sorry story. " And then Monique gave me the " I told you so look" " I ended.

" Monique is just going through that stage where she thinks that she's all that. But you'll still have us, even if she does become a prep." Said Jen, reassuringly

" I know Jen, but sometimes I just wish that I could be in one of my stories. All of the fantasy people don't have to worry about anything!" I said

" Shhhhhh, You might make the sorcerers of Shrelth angry,' said Jen in a falsely concerned voice. Jen and I started laughing. However, we didn't know how angry we really had made the sorcerers of Shrelth.