I walk to school, rain soaks my hair
Everyone's walking two to a pair
My bag decides to break; my books land dead
I look up to the laughter and my cheeks flush red

I get to school depressed, but I find my friends
A few where we never let the relationship mend
They act as though I was never born
I remember my warm bed and cant help but yawn

I walk to class with a look of 'I'm fine'
But those bitches decide to cross the line
If I'm dynamite then they have just lit the string
So it won't be long before the alarm bells ring

'The coursework must be in today
Otherwise tonight you're in for a stay'
I forget the work and the detention is mine
And I walk home with a look of 'I'm fine'

I open the door and fall to the floor
And ask myself, what is life for?
The dynamite is about to explode
And my mother is walking down the road

In she comes with a look of rage
All of a sudden I burst out from my cage
I shout and I scream, my face no longer calm
The dynamite is ready; here comes the alarm