A/N: Okay.. this is my first story-poem thingy... so humor me if it sucks big time ^.^;; I was inspired to do this while in the shower for some odd reason O.o;;; yeah. Im weird. I know. |

Ghostly Love

Once a girl moved into a brand new home;
She was only twelve.
She lived in the upstairs bedroom;
The upstairs all her own.
Her room was cheery yellow,
It matched her temperment.
The girl's name was Molly,
And she was quite content.
She had only a few friends,
But they were all the best.
She got good grades,
Was pleasing to the eye,
And had everything going for her.
But there was a secret,
And unbenownst to her,
She was being spyed upon day and night
By a curious young boy.
He wasn't of the living,
Nor truely the dead.
He was in the crossworld,
And still wandered the earth.
But one day the ghost boy
Came across the girl.
His cold dead heart pitter-pattered,
As she obliviously walked to school.
He followed her to school.
He followed her back home.
He followed her to the market.
He followed her all around.
He found her so alluring,
So sweet and beautiful.
He had to make her his;
That he was sure.
Playful following turned to stalking.
He longed for Molly's touch.
For her to kiss and cuddle him.
But she coulden't...
She was still alive.
The spirit was a stubborn one,
And he was bent to bring her to him.
He would kill Molly.
He would make it quick so it wouldent hurt.
He would capture her soul before she left,
And hold her captive with him forever.
Yes, what a brilliant plan.
He felt clever as a fox.
Her would stop her breathing in her sleep;
And then he would have her.
The full moon rose, silver light illuminating the sleeping girl.
A nameless shadow crept into her room,
a pillow floating along.
It pressed itself over her face,
And simply wouldent go.
And as Molly slowly died,
The dead boy kissed her lips.
Molly woke, the pillow stifleing her screams.
The boy winced at his love's terror.
No.. he coulden't stop.. this was for the best.
He'd take care of her in the after world, so he continued to press.
He held the pillow there until his beloved lay motionless.
Molly's spirit left her,
Just as the boy thought she would.
But rather than keeping her here,
She simply flew right on.
" You killed me, you psycho."
Molly said calmly as she drifted up.
" It is a horrid sin. For this you go to Hell, insane one,
I guess love dosen't conquer all."
And as young Molly drifted back to her empty body for her second chance,
The young ghost boy was dragged down to Hell.
So let this be a lesson
To all of those in love.
Be careful what you do;
It might just be too much.