You're all tied up

You've nowhere to go

I've planned out for you

A spectacular show

A stage and a table

Await us, my dear

Dinner and wine

You have nothing to fear

And you can't escape

In these ribbons you're bound

Red just like blood

We won't ever be found

The show is soon starting

A tall masked man begins

To explain his whole purpose

While the pianist grins

Plots to a sacrifice

Are revealed soon enough

As your supper is served

Made from sinewy stuff

You're force fed by me

Though the food may be dry

Struggle in ribbons

But don't start to cry

A helpless victim

Is brought forth on the stage

The actor shows anger

A new kind of rage

Now here is our wine

Boiled red just for this

And the two up on stage

Share the deadliest kiss

Her throat is torn

And blood pours everywhere

The man kills her now

As you helplessly stare

See, you're the next victim

In this stage act of mine

When the gravy is made

you start to whine

It's poured onto your meal

It forms a small flood

I shove it down your throat

Meat that's covered in blood

Swallow it slowly

I know that you can

My red ribbons and gravy

Made from lace and from man