Title: Festival of the Wind
Author: Heather P.

With crisp white the Orchid shone,
The Poppy fire of red,
Against the cold Sea,
The rocky shore.
Pebbles of chill rolled down the cliffs as banners flew.
Over the Mere the festive banners rose,
Red and white as Orchid and Poppy bright,
Hands did clasp and eyes of glass did pray.
Upon the craggy rock,
Feet stood in pale and naked Twilight.

There I did lay my fair cheek against my Mother's hands,
And was lain beneath the greatest Oak tree.
Her lap welcomed me into softness,
To join the Sea,
As the banners flamed,
Just beyond, the Sea.
Winds blew,
Petals from Her hands and My hair flew onto and over the Land and Sea,
Following the finely feathered wings over the forest groves,
Following the salt-laden fins over the foam-covered waters.
They did fly,
Far from me as my lips silently prayed.

The smile of my lips and tears of my eyes welcomed the wind,
Who blew from me and to me,
Never to return and to be with me always,
Within the strands of my hair and the banners flame.
Orchids and Poppies did sway,
Beneath feet in naked Twilight.
The Grass grew cold to touch,
My knees sank into them,
Never to rise again un-marred.

My Mother came to me,
From the Land and Sea,
To caress me,
Raise my arms and hands,
As darkness fell from the sky.
Her love came ever,
Over my face and hair,
It's strands caught beneath my knees,
In the cold grass.

Red and White shone bright,
Within her petal eyes.
Her skin of wrinkled bark.
The greatest Oak over me bent,
To meet her.
Mother did call,
And the wind answered.
Floating over the rocks and Sea,
Where the feathers and salt mixed.
Upon my lips did they meet.

In the Sea,
Did Mother wash my feet.
Rock beneath my feet crumbled,
Dipping into the Sea,
So it traveled farther,
Along the fragile path of eternity.
In her heart,
I did pray.
And so laid in my Mother's lap,
Until the mist rain fell.

Lights from the crest came,
The line wove between the forest gaps,
Over the green grass.
In rain that poured,
Mother came down,
Lifting my body from the Sea,
From the rock and the shore,
From the leaves and the forest floor.

Grass from my knees fell to my feet,
Naked and walking in pale midnight light,
As I made the journey Home.
Amid the waving heads of Orchid white and Poppy red,
Lovers came from under the bough,
With rosy kisses each.
My hands kept within theirs,
As they danced beside me,
Under the moon and in the rain.

Mother did lead me,
From the wind,
From the rain,
From the banners of flame,
And into my bed,
To finish the dream.