Title: My Honey Dusted Dream
Author: Heather P.

Words no longer flow from this tongue,
Verses of love are no longer good enough,
My lungs knew that you are the one,
So they falter in their breath as you go by.

As the ribbon passed over your lips,
You said something that was lost in the wind,
I could not hear your voice,
But I could still see your smile so bright.

Will you believe in me now?

Honey dusted your throat under the sun,
Twisting as you looked back at me,
And I saw your face before the waves,
As your eyes widened hearing the words I said so soft.

My heart had prayed that would not hear,
While every other part of me wished you would,
Now you know how I feel,
Just how my soul is caught in this flood of pure feeling.

Will you see me now?

I hoped you would not cry,
But the tears flowed down your cheeks,
Even as you embraced me,
And I never wanted to let you go.