Title: Tremblin' Divine to Sand and Song
Author: Heather P.

My feet have marked the sand,
Only to have proof of my life washed away by the waves,
To be taken away from under the sunlight,
That stays on the horizon through out my days.

The skin on my palms are rough,
With the shards of life that dance,
An endless cascade of light and new moments,
That make me raise my eyes to the way home.

Silver and gold,
Silver and gold,
Is what I see now,
Darting under the green leaves,
As the wind comes from the sea,
And takes all of my tears away.

They gather there at the sea edge,
Those tears of mine,
To make from their mixed blessings a new heart for me,
Never to be broken or lead astray.

But it will not come back to me now,
Because it is with you,
In the warm caress of an endless spring,
Where fall's crisp air is replaced,
By the freshness of the new dawn.

To hear the old songs,
Sit and listen to the drums and the flute,
Watch the sun through the harp strings,
And hear the maiden sing.

'Oh mother,
Oh mother,
Dear father,
Dear father,
I know not my way to your side,
But I come now that I die,
I come now that I die.
A good daughter have I been,
For I have sang every day I have been alive,
To be happy,
To be sad,
In my heart's grief,
I have never lowered my voice,
Never have I stopped my song,
From reaching to you,
So now I come,
Now I come,
I come to you,
And I sing for you at the gates of Crossings wide,
My feet touching the tide and the air of time,
My footprints washed away,
And made to be new and better by you.'

I listen to the ways of the land and sing,
Of your names and under the trees I sing,
To feel free and be close enough to the sea I sing,
Without a care of rhyme but knowing that it brings me to your side,
I sing.