Title: Monet Flowers
Author: Heather P.

I have walked in Monet flowers,
In their pastel blight,
And petal blurring sight,
Offering the artist hand little peace.

I have walked there and picked the choice blossoms for me.
Putting them in a haven of water lilies and dreams.
Where these flowers grow and raise their scent,
In the pixel pail,
(Life's ultimate cheap seat)
With nothing but Time's Reckoning,
To feed it's starving bones.

And always it wants nothing,
But to be free.

Join my haven and walk with me,
Watching the Monet flowers curl around the lucky clover leaves,
Twisting all four leafs into a new shape beyond belief,
Making some sort of luck that I will never really find,
But it will be there.
Just in case I can grow enough Monet flowers in my mind,
To set it free.