Title: To Know
Author: Heather P.

I could not have known it to be true,
That I could die without you.

To perish without one lovely kiss,
I would wait forever to feel like this,
To have my heart overcome with bliss,
At the feeling of your truthful lips,
To touch your whispering kiss,
Just once more,

I would wait, forever.
For this moments sake, forever.
In this place, forever.
Where my heart will surely break, forever.
In this caged heart to fly,

To look in your eyes,
(A passing glance).
To hold your hand,
(Just like this).
To see your smile,
(If only for a short while).

How could I not have known?
How this feeling was my only home.
As I sit here,
On my lonely bed,
A pen scribbling in red,
Red as my heart,
Red as my love.

How could I live without knowing this one true feeling?
How could I live without that place?
Within my heart,
Where all my fairytale dreams start,
From there they take on such pretty wings,
(If only I could grow such things.)
That can not be taken hold of,
Yet they can be broken,
Like a sparrows wing,
Such a pitiful little thing.

Oh, listen to their songs!
Such finely feathered things as these,
Yet they are all mine,
So take heed,
For as you need,
Or you might come to care,
For me and these feathered things,
You might even love?

Do you want a secret to share?
These are where such fine things start,
In my heart,
Can I tell you true?
How much I would suffer for you?
Do I lie?
And say simply, 'I love you.'
Could you love me?

How could I live without you?