It's Just So Hard

By Crystal Snowflakes

Author's Notes: This is dedicated to my friend once again... I'm sorry for everything. This is for you...

What you've said to me,
It's like a dream.
I'm waiting to be woken up,
By the bright morning light.

But when I've realized,
That this is indeed reality,
My heart just went
Down the drain.

Why's life so hard,
For you and for me?
Why does everything happen,
To you and me?

You tell me to act calm,
When you tell me you're dying.
You don't have much time left,
Yet you are so relaxed.

How do you do it?
How do you stay so calm.
You have but a month,
To make your time worthwhile.

It's just so hard for me,
To act like nothing's happened.
Thirty-three days.
That will just fly by.

You told me once,
That if you die,
You want a white rose,
On your coffin.

I promised you that,
So long ago,
But I never thought,
I would have to do it.

But tonight,
When you told me everything,
I finally understood.
You knew this would happen.

I try to feel relaxed,
I try to be fearless,
I try to act like nothing's wrong...
But it's just so hard.