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Chapter 1: Embryo

Rayen took another long drag off his cigarette, watching as the smoke curled slowly past his lips, dissipating into the night air. Maybe he was being picky, but he was bored to fucking tears. Guard duty was never really his thing. The work was boring, and it took bloody hours. He couldn't fall asleep, because he might miss something interesting. Either that or he'd fall off his perch.

He took another look at his charge, a hotshot businessman of some sort. God, but they were boring. Rayen had been sitting on his construction site bar, in the snow, freezing his ass off, watching this guy for what seemed like hours. Nothing, absolutely nothing had happened.

Rayen sighed, flicking the remnants of his cigarette to the ground, watching the glowing butt hurtle to a cold, cold end.

"Yuki, I'm bored. Entertain me." He whined into his mouthpiece. The crackle of static was his reply.

"Fine. Ignore me. I don't care." There was a sigh, and he could almost hear the other man rub his temples in frustration.

"Rayen, contrary to your belief, I was not put on this earth for your amusement."

"You weren't? But then what are you here for? You're so…what's the word…useless otherwise." Rayen replied brightly. There was another sigh, a bit of scuffling in the background, and then a high-pitched squeal rushed into his ears and ricocheted around his skull. Rayen squeezed his eyes shut in pain and hurriedly yanked the earpiece out throwing it to the ground. The bastard had dropped his headset in water. Again.

 Rayen pushed his red bangs out of his eyes in irritation. Fuck this. If nothing happened in the next five minutes, he was going home. A man that boring deserved to be killed. Something flickered at the edge of his vision.

"Ooohhh…hello! Who're you? You don't look friendly."

He tilted his head to the side, absently pulling on his leather gloves. Maybe he'd get some action tonight after all. Swinging his legs up into a crouching position, he leaped off his metal bar and landed gracefully on the roof above his client. He paused. It might have been a good idea to see just how many he was up against. He gave a mental shrug. Whatever. It didn't bother him.

Resting his back against the railing, he waited for them to come out, absently watching his breath make pretty shapes in the cold. They were certainly taking their time. Rayen closed his eyes, listening to the wind blow, the snow brushing past each other, counting the different pairs of boots moving around, the click of the safety catch on some gun.

The red head opened his eyes lazily, moving his head to stare at the guy in front of him, laser beam trained to his forehead.

"A solider boy! Haven't had one of those in awhile. Score."

"Who are you?" The man demanded in, Rayen supposed, a threatening voice. He smiled. He loved lasers. They were such a pretty colour.

"No one." He whispered "No one at all."

He dived forward, dagger flicking out and making contact with solid flesh. With his other hand, he grabbed the patch stitched onto the soldier's jacket. Kazuki would like to know who was after their client. He skidded into a halt, crouched low, dagger held ready.

"Smoke!" A voice cried, distressed. Rayen turned his attention to the figure running to the fallen soldiers side. The new one falls to Smoke's side, reaching up and pressing his hands to the wound to staunch the blood. He leans forward, whispering words to his fallen comrade urgently, one hand gently brushing hair away from his face.

Rayen frowned. This was new. Since when did the army hire…his thoughts are cut short as two more materialise out of the darkness. One of them stoops to speak softly to the two on the ground. The smaller nods, lifting Smoke up. The smaller tosses a death glare at Rayen and they both vanish.

The red head blinks. The two in front of him have their guns trained onto him, gaze steely.

"I counted five pairs of boots. One didn't come out to play. Unless…"


Cold metal rests against the back of Rayen's head.

"Go. Now." The voice commands the other two. They nod and dive off the building.

"Dammit. I don't even have my headset anymore. Brilliant. Our client is dead. Fuck." Rayen gave himself a mental kick. "Oh well."

"Stand up. Hands on your head. Slowly."

The red head slowly raised his hands, shifted his weight and threw himself forward, pushed himself off the wall, avoiding the bullets and jumped onto the railing. He crouched there, watching his opponent, purple eyes blinking owlishly. The man remained still, unfazed, gun calmly kept on target. Deep purple bangs rested over one unblinking red eye. Rayen grinned, and leaned backwards, letting go of the railing. He heard the soldier curse and shoot, but he was already gone.

Crashing through the window of his ex-client, he looked around. The two other soldiers were long gone, the body already cooling, as was the pool of blood surrounding it. Carefully picking his way through the office, Rayen made his way to the computer, humming quietly to himself. He pulled a disk from his pocket, inserted it and leant over the keyboard. Fingers flying over the keys, he copied the files Kazuki wanted and then uploaded the virus.

Leaving it to do its thing, Rayen surveyed the room, tutting at the mess he caused by breaking the window. Tilting his head, he waved his hand, watching as the glass jumped up and remade itself. He nodded to himself in a satisfied manner, and, still humming, opened the door and left.

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