Every morning
I get out of the car at 8am
I walk down the street
Past the crack dealers and gay men
I avoid the drunks
They rapists and the Mr-Molester-Man
And I finally stop
At the pedestrian
The cars drive past
And I wait while the lollypop ladies talk
Fuck this is boring
Just let me jaywalk
Just let me jaywalk damn it
Just let me walk across the road
Over pancaked Mr Toad
Let me pick my way through the road kill
The casualties of modern transport
Let me cross the road you homophobic paranoiacs
Just let me jaywalk
It's a free country
And I'm exercising my right to cross the road whenever and wherever I damn well want to
What you gonna do?
Go on you dickhead: gimme a detention
Sir I think your suffering severe anal retention
What the fuck would you do if I was caught?
Get outta my way bitch
Just let me jaywalk