His name is Cameron *sighs* I guess I should admit it HARRISON!

My name is not James, it is a secret


*huggles computer*  It's alright Mr. Evilsnout, you're okay now.

I'm being out of character aren't I?

*Stabs computer* I HATE MICROSOFT!!!!!!


But anyway… on with the weird hormonal perversion I call my diary. Yes you heard right. Weird hormonal perversion!


*Pokes The Immortal Hudson* Poor computer, it couldn't help it!

But anyway.

I'm happy

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is growing, the world is a happy place and Liam and I are planning a surprise birthday humungous surprise thung for Cameron. Happy birthday to Cameron… on October 31!

Yes my *coughs* friend *coughs* was born on Halloween. (scary that)

So life is good and I am in a hyperactively happy mood.

You may be wondering about that.


Why exactly is this normally, cynical, humorous, dry, funny-yet-gloomy guy being so… happy?


Well for starters Terry and Trevor were cleared. (*wipes forhead in relief*)

Sarah (Who you would probably know as Tegan) found out about my previous love for her but all is well, we're still friends, she handled it.

For once Murphy has decided that his law does not apply to me.

Ever since my computer crashed (Poor Mr. Evilsnout) Everything has gone right for me.

There's one more thing that I probably will not go into too much detail.

Cameron (Really Harrison) and I…

Well I don't really want to say this and I really shouldn't post this for all the world to see…


But… well… We've… *coughs* erm… *Awkward silence*

I'll start from the beginning. Cameron and I… well… we had a sleepover with the two T's and Liam here

Liam says Hi

By the way, the evil rumors about the two T's being gay never got off the ground.

But anyway, onto this sleepover. It was midnight, Cameron's parents were out for the weekend and we were out on the trampoline in the backyard playing truth or dare.

I think I will write this next bit like a story rather then a diary entry.


I sat on the Trampoline looking at the stars.


            "Yes Terry?"

            "Truth or dare?" I thought for a bit "Dare."

            "I dare you to go out onto the main road in your underwear while doing the macarena." Terry is definitely a weird person. I gaped for a few seconds while Liam and Trevor crack up laughing and Cameron flashes me one of those grins that makes me melt. I grumble for a bit before stripping down to my boxer shorts and running out onto the deserted road near my house. However when I come back inside my clothes have been hidden.

            "Damn you." I say bitterly before sitting down. Cameron grins again and Terry laughs. "Okay Trevor Truth or Dare?"

            "Dare of course!" he says as if there was no need to ask.

            "Fine. I dare you to go for a swim for half an hour while we play over here."

            "Only in the least amount of clothing possible." Said Liam so you get extra cold.

            "Okay." Trevor says laughing and he takes all his clothes off bar his boxers and jumps in the pool.

            "Okay, we did NOT need to see that Trevor!" said Terry slightly amused, slightly disgusted.

As an independent witness I can vouch that all this actually happened.

Shut up Rhys!


Long story short Trevor has a cold, I never did get my shirt back, Terry ended up with a bad image of Liam singing "I'm too sexy for my shirt" without a shirt on imprinted in his memory to haunt his nightmares…

As an independent witness…


And then it was Terry's turn.

"Terry, truth or dare?" Asks Cameron with an evil glint in his eye.

"Oh, everyone else did dare. Dare then."

"Excellent!" Cameron rubbed his hands together evilly "I dare you to kiss my boyfriend over there."

            "WHAT?" I almost yell but realise I'd probably wake the neighbours so I stifle it into a surprised whisper.

            "You want me to kiss him?" Terry says incredulously

            "Well, that's the dare. Take it, or submit to the torture of us revealling your deepest secrets to the school! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" A dog barks over the fence and I quickly shush Cameron.

            "Neighbours idiot!"

            "Every body needs good Neeeighbours idiot!" finishes Liam

            "Come on… Take it from me, he's a good kisser." Cameron says encouragingly "Better then Trevor at least.

            "And how do you know that exactly?" I ask accusingly

            "I don't." he replies simply "But it's a fair guess considering the closest he's ever got to kissing someone is the peck on the cheek he gets when his mummy tucks him in at night, that and Terry's incedent."

            "Fair point… but why?" I ask

            "Raising awareness?"

            "What of our sexuality?"

            "No, on how good a kisser you are!" he said and Liam cracks up in the background.

            Long story shortened again. Big argument, nothing happens, we go inside to play and Trevor and I get some trousers on

We are sitting and Terry throws his hands up in exasberation.

            "FINE!" Terry says and quickly pulls my head closer. Our lips meet and Terry quickly gets it over with. I'm sorry to say that Terry is not as good a kisser as Cameron. Cameron cheers in the background and Terry makes a large show of wiping his mouth.

And then we decide to go to sleep. Each with his own room of course.

But then I sneak into Camerons for a late night snogging session

As an independent witness I can verify that THAT happened too

And how he witnessed THAT comes in the next sentence.

So I turn around and Liam was standing in the doorway

Told ya.


"How long were you planning on watching before letting us know you were there?" Asks Cameron slightly annoyed

            "Only until I finished taking blackmail photos." He says flourishing a camera

Yes I AM evil. Anyone wanting those photos please e-mail me at Rhys-the-greatest-evil-of-all-time-in-th…

RHYS! You are NOT giving those photos away! As soon as I find out where you've actually hid them I will destroy them before I destroy YOU!


Anyway, Rhys runs off with his digital camera and I start to rise from his bed but Cameron walks to the door and shuts it.

            "Let him go."


            "I have a much better way to use our time." he says and pushes me back onto the bed.

And things got slightly 'R18+' rated beyond that.

Long story even shorter and less graphic, we went down on each other.

*breathes* I really shouldn't have told you that.

*squirms* I really think I should change the subject.

This is Liam/Rhys typing.

Hello diary readers. I'd just like to say that I was so happy when these two blockheads decided they'd realise that the other liked them back. It was almost pathetic watching them squirm.

These two are really the most slow creatures on the planet. I mean I am so glad they finally got round to this stage. Those two most obviously want to leap on each other and screw each other's brains out. And when they do I will most probably not be waiting to hear about it considering the mentally scarring and quite revealing heart to heart James here had with me on Sunday.

But well that's all from me. *hugs James* I'm so proud. But also annoyed. You did it before me *pouts* oh well. He won the bet.

Enough Rhys


This is my diary okay… MINE! And I do NOT like being called the slowest creature on the planet thankyou very much Rhys!

Especially in my own diary.


That's enough hormonal perversion for you.

You wanted stories of my life? Fine I don't even tell Tegan/Sarah this stuff. You are lucky I trust the world in general.

Note to self: Perhaps I should NOT have revealed that intimate moment to the entire wide world.

Note to self: Good thing Harrison doesn't mind

Note to self: Shut up and post. It has been two weeks and people will start to get worried


Note to readers: Truly sorry about the lack of updates, and the fact that this is about last weeks happenings but well… what are you going to do? My computer doesn't really choose when to break.