Dirty Baby

Ohh I feel the goo

Give it some room

Its coming through

Im the baby ,paid my dues

Now its time to take a poo

Mobile Spinning over head

Baby pillow neath my head

Got some juice in my sippy cup

Feel my diaper filling up

Feeling poopee yes sir I am


Waking up at 6:00 in the morning

Feeling antsy down in my pants


I need a brand new diaper

Come mommy dear, please wipe my rear!

Don't want no food, or no toys.

Going to make some noise!

Going to get Pouty

Going to get little bit moody.

Get it cleaned up in a hurry

Feeling so Dirty

It's about time to wipe my bootie.


Going to get a little bit moody

Get it cleaned up in a hurry!

Feeling so dirty

It's about time to wipe my bootie

A/N: Did u like? Ahem well for all of you who didn't understand it was making fun of 'dirty'. Okaya? REVIEW 4 ME!!