Can you remember when
neither of us knew how to cook
but we still tried anyway?

In the shimmering light
of dawn, when I couldn't sleep
and you wouldn't sleep without me?

When you were playful enough
to dig your hand in the bag of flour
and throw a handful at me?

That your reasoning was because
you just wanted to see how beautiful
I'd look with flour in my hair?

How about when you brushed
my hair away, out of my face,
and kissed me so intensely sweet?

Or do you remember
exactly what that flour fight
led to later that day?

And how relaxing it was to
lounge around in your bed singing
along to music that was a little too loud?

The endless smiles when you started to
make fun of me and I attacked you with a pillow,
do you remember them, also?

How my giggles echoed around
your empty walls and suddenly
it seemed life had flooded your apartment?

Did you know how your eyes lit up,
so lovely, so brilliantly
when I whispered that I loved you?

And do you know just how much
I'd enjoy making more memories
to remind you of in the future?