By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It is the color of that which I crave--
And I had found it in a party known as a rave.
I have no choice,but to have a desire
For such a deep,rich color,for I am a vampire
And it is the color of blood that I crave.

It had started back in the days of the old west,
When I had dressed myself in my Sunday best
And gone over to the house of my sweetheart,
A lovely little philly named Susanna Hart.
Little had I known that I was about to encounter some strange pest.

That pest was a creature also known as a vampire
And it was draining the blood out of the one I truly desire--
My beloved Susanna Hart.
But just as I was about to drive a wooden stake through it's heart,
The creature had grabbed me and told me what I inspire.

And then,after it had exposed my neck,
The creature had gave it a mighty big peck
And began to send me into a realm of pure dread
By draining my body of the deepest red--
And it felt like I was on my way straight to Heck.

But after it had released me and told me that
I was not really dead,it had transformed itself into a giant bat
And told me that it was because I was now the same
As the creature's master,the devilish Transilvainian count by the name
Of Vlad Dracula,who was observing us as a rat.

And after the creature let out a hearty laugh and flew away,
It's master had transformed and told me that I should stay away
From the light of day and have no choice,but to satisfy a deep
Hunger for human blood,something which gives me the creeps.
And yet,to satisfy such a hunger,I see no other way.

And I ought to know,for after that terrifying day,
I had traveled the world in search of a way
To release me of such a horrific curse.
But instead,my life had gone from bad to worse,
For I had no choice,but to drink human blood on Sherman's Bay.

However,I was also confused by the way my chosen victim was acting.
She was a strinking young beauty named Elizabeth King
And she was standing on the pier and crying,because Marvin Craigmore,
Her beloved fiancee said that he doesn't want to see her anymore.
Since that's the case,then instead of me,why not a stray bolt of lightning?

Anyway,I do believe that it was that moment that caused me
To regain my humanity and made me
Realize that I should be helping these people,
Instead of feeding on them.And so,I would crawl out of my little hole
And prowl the streets of New York City.

For now,I prey on the guilty
Ones who dare prey on the innocent and weak without pity--
And I send them to the realm of total dread
By sucking all the purest,deepest red
Out of their bodies without the slightest hint of mercy.

I am the one who stalks the night
And I fight for what is right.
So,may the agents of evil beware,
For I shall strike them down without care
And send their dark souls into the realm of fright!