Sprung cage and molting

Perch, bars
Slats of unfettered light
Sun-kissed breezes
Teasingly ruffle my feathers
Another has fallen

One less tally on the pad of good will
My good deeds blow away like dust
One feather at a time I molt
Loosing all there is to be judged by
Except the scars on my naked body

Caged securely latched
against the cradle of humanity
I revolt in my prison of lifeless life
Watching the world pass by while I shed
Throwing myself against the bars

Time and again my cage shudders with the weight of my will
The world will feel my pain hear my cries
Release me from the prison of group mentality
Prejudice Injustice Bigotry Bias
Basically free me, not from what I am
But what they perceive me to be

Spent I collapse behind the battered bars
They show the least sign of my war against them

Spent, chest heaving inhaling the dust and dirt of society
Clogging my lungs with the filth of the nations

Spent , the bars of my cage finally swings open
The last feather falls from my broken wings

Spent , I drag my abused body out into the light
Sun-kissed breezes soothe my shattered spirit

Spent , yet soaring higher than any wings would allow
I slough off the broken appendages
Step free and never look back