Title: Budding Youth
Author: Heather P.

The soft rosy blossom,
A seat of tender emotion in me.
My mind,
Center of thought in starlight,
Developed red within only a lovers' gaze.
My breast,
A piece of woman-hood given unto my body at the start,
To feel an age of care-free love given to something more.
My heart,
Oh, but now I fear the loss of my innocence of birth,
To the wisdom of the mother.
My soul,
Grows deeper with the years,
But retains truth unto that of sweet air.
My breath,
Rising in song and brightness,
Lowering in desire and whispers.
My fingers,
The center of my world,
From touch and feeling unto me.
My smile,
Soft in curve with longing,
Sweet in curve with care.
My eyes,
Temperate in heat,
Jeweled in love.
My bosom,
The fresh part of my anatomy carrying youth,
Bringing both love and all other tender emotion into myself.