Title: Formless Tattoo
Author: Heather P.

Shuttering light breaks upon reflective surface of this soul,
A fluttering fever upon the cells of the world,
Wet feathers dripping upon water beneath,
Fascination filled wonder stretches out,
Feeling its form create endless possibilities.

A warm embrace of shattered dreams encloses harmony,
The sensation of the lovers caress encircle about my shoulders indefinitely,
Motions of slow and measured tred softly,
Breaking the casing upon the sun,
Glimmers of endless azure sky awaken,
Fingerprints tattoo over a landscape of beauty,
Gentle winds cascade through bright red,
Flickers of sound move above,
Dancing with the moon.

Blood stirs at the lush emotion crawling beneath the wave,
Hovering beyond the kiss of the sky is trapped the form,
Bound into a crushed moment,
Wanting to create the mysterious,
Joy enraptured shining slips on green,
From a bottom rises the feelings of a million sweeping chills,
The rush curls and bends,
Sweet melody captures a tendril of sadness,
Twirling until it breaks upon the broken piece of lilac dream.

Circles dizzily part and meet,
Combining and filling the wind as it swirls through golden spheres,
Ripples appear in the sky revolving the world,
Quietness riding upon the excited wind blows soft words,
Murmuring the desires of bright red fabric that flutters above.

Fingers run across the tattoo covered landscape,
Rippling the azure sky,
Breaks move the light,
Shards bounce on a wall of ending,
Only to continue to move,
Piercing dark coverings with a million points of forever,
Rocking closing eyes in hot security,
The fizzling heat drenching light in shimmering smiling eyes.

Found comfort drifting down in liquid security,
Daylight breaking out the drift of loneliness,
With the sound of a murmur and movement of lips,
Brushing upon landscape with the feeling of tickling lashes on skin,
Sinking in glow a bedazzled radiance settles,
Letting the form become itself by stretching,
Never ending within the one moment,
Filling in that tattoo a image of endless possibilities.

Trivia: Did you know that the word 'tattoo' is not only the resulting image upon the skin from pressed ink but it is also used to describe a musical rhythm? Interesting uh?