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Master of the Lighthouse


Part One


The wind was warm for it was late spring and you could smell summer racing forward. Natasha leaned dangerously far over the edge of the lighthouse top railing; the night's fierce winds matched her mood and cause her deep red shoulder length hair to dance like fire. Her sharp blue eyes glared at the sharp rocks far below and although she could not see them she knew they were there. She could hear the laughter in the lower rooms; her family was having a good time again. Oh how she would love to see their blood smeared along the walls, her friends would love it too, those insects didn't deserve to live in this place they could never understand it. She felt a cold presence creep around her holding her in its icy yet comforting embrace.

"Isn't it about time that all this pointlessness ended?" The chill whispered to her.

"Yes I suppose you right, it is sickening that those creatures that are my family are alive. I hate the fact that I am of them." Natasha Spat with venom embedded in each word.

"Why is it dear one that you are filled with such hatred?" the cold aurora asked, swirling around her.

"Why do I hate them?" Natasha paused eyes closed. "I hate them because what they have put me through. Before we came here, before my little sister came, my father was a slobbering drunk. He was a disgrace and took the fact that he couldn't get a job out on my mother and me. My mother was a coward, and always went crawling back to him. I wouldn't have been beaten so if I had learnt to keep my mouth shut, but why should I have had to? My Older brother never had a hand raised at him. He was my father's pride, still is. Never once did he stand up for his own mother, let alone me, he would laugh, call us pathetic. My father would agree and laugh too." She stopped her body grew tense. "Then I would always say something or smash something and he or my brother would hit me"

"My poor one, do tell why is it no longer this way?" the sweet voice echoed around her.

"Because, some one got that pig to see a councillor and then he started acting better. Then Amy came and father wanted a better life for her. So we all moved. Father and mother had given up on me by then. They had cast me aside to insure that Amy and Tom had the perfect lives." Natasha gave a low laugh. "I haven't cared for some time but this place, it knows and loves me and they should not pollute it. I wanted revenge, then you came and I wanted not to have my revenge by to pay a bloody tribute to your masters."

"And they will receive such tribute with open arms, my dear." It whispered to her.

"You have no form and yet you hold me, or is it you have form yet it cannot be seen nor felt?" Natasha asked turning half expecting to see the cold being but was meet by nothingness.

"For such beings as us there are no physical limits. Some day you will join us perhaps?" the voice was so close to her ear that she could have sworn that she could feel its breath. "Beware, some one comes." And the cold aurora no longer held her, protected her.

"Natasha I've told you not to come up here any more. You spend too much time up here. Anyway, hurry up we are going to see that physiatrist that the school demanded you see." Her Mother called her head appearing at the top of the stair then ducked back down.

"Idiots." Natasha whispered walking into the glaring light as it went round and round and headed for the stairs. "Tomorrow, yes tomorrow I start on the end. Now lets see how scared can I get this doctor."


"Natasha, come on, talk to me. Don't you want to be normal like the other seventeen year old girls?" Dr. Smith asked leaning forward in his old leather high back chair. It have taken half an hour to reach town it was now nine o'clock, Dr. Smith had stay late just for her as a favour to the school she attended.

"No!" Natasha replied. "Anyway who is it that defines normal?"

"Natasha help me help you, your parents sent you here because they are worried." He didn't even finish the sentence.

Natasha he slammed her fist on the desk. "They are not worried, they wouldn't have known or cared if I was crazy if the school hadn't insisted I come here." She looked up at him. "You don't believe me do you? I dare you talk to them ask about me see if they know anything about me."

"Perhaps later." He said looking in his folder. "Now what is this chill you would speak of earlier in the year?"

"What chill?" Natasha asked playing it dumb. Dr. Smith looked at her knowing her intension. "Ok, there are many but the one that visits me is like a ghost, one of many beings caught between this dimension and the next. He is an apparition and yet he is more real than anything this materialistic and cheap society humanity created."

"Ok, lets work on that. Is he here?" Dr Smith asked.

"He is everywhere; one without form is without physical limits." Natasha stated, this man was so patronizing she could barely stand it.

"How can something be without form and yet be real?" Dr. Smith asked.

"I told you already he is between this world and the next. Only those who have walked through their plane of existence can see then for what they are." Natasha responded.

"So you can see them or him?" Dr. Smith asked.

"If I could be with them do you really think I would come back here?" Natasha was growing impatient.

"Then how do you cross to this plane between worlds?"

"Simple. You must go to a place that is close to the edge of our existence and path the way with blood as tribute to the masters. Well not so much as blood, more death, they demand death. If you please them with the sacrifice then you are allowed to enter and the limits of this world will not bind you." Natasha informed with a smile.

"Natasha listen to me its nice and all to use our imaginations but don't you think this is going a little to far?" Dr. Smith asked. At some point in time he had decided this was just a cry for attention.

"You have no idea how far it really goes doctor." Natasha stood and walked to the door bored with the patronizing doctor.

"Natasha sit down we are not finished yet." Dr. Smith was fast losing his temper with the girl.

"What does it matter? Soon I will no longer linger in this pointless existence. Did you know that one of the points close to the edge of this world is the land on which the lighthouse stands?" Natasha said wanting him to know what it was she was going to do.

"Why do you think I want to know this?" Dr. Smith asked

"I don't care if you want to know this or not, I'm just sick of being silent." Natasha walked out of the room she knew that her brother would be at the pub or maybe a café trying to pick up girls. "So predictable." She muttered.


Natasha sat upon her bed as the cold light of dawn filtered through the small window. She was dressed in a plain grey linen dress. She sensed the chilling essence emerge to her right.

"So is today the day?" It asked

"Yes I want to be in your world, to be with you." She whispered

"If it helps, my dearest, your sister is the only other up." It crept closer to her brushing over the skin of her neck. "She is down by the rock pools."

"How kind of you." Natasha felt arms wrap around her but when she looked down she could see nothing. "I must go must is to be done before morning is over."

"Why must it be done so fast? We could always take our time, we have the whole day." It whispered again its deep soothing voice forcing her to relax.

"It must be done before noon. My mother has people coming to look at the lighthouse. The bitch is going to sell the place." Natasha stood her voice suddenly sickly sweet. "Sweet, sweet little Amy wait and see what I have in store just for you." Natasha smiled walking all the way down the stairs, down the jagged cliffs to where the rock pools stood, as did a seven-year- old Amy.