The old lighthouse had been vacant, even fifty years after the unsolved murders had been discovered. No one knew what had happened that or everyone kept his or her mouth shut. It had taken police days to penetrate the cemented door. They must have wished that they had never opened it for the first thing that greeted them was the decaying, twisted body of a woman. As they searched higher they discovered the dangling body of a pretty teen, preserved so flawlessly that it seemed as if time had stopped the moment she died. They removed the bandana from her face to see a small smile upon her lips. Cutting her down from the rafters they proceeded to carefully carry her down the steps.

One police officer had been violently sick after finding the mangled carcass of who was presumed to be the father. At this point in time officers had reached the bottom of the stairs with the girls body but before they had a chance to take her outside her body had crumbled to dust scattering further into the lighthouse.

Natasha stood in the mists of time. Her form a silvered translucent grey, the only colour left in her was the cold, icy blue of her eyes. She had a physical body that could tough, hold, hurt but she was not bound to it. She felt a familiar set of arms latch onto her and pulled her close.

"Are you happy now, my dearest?" He whispered.

"Affirmative." She replied. "Although I would be more than happy to irradiate the rest of the pitiful insects that scurry around on that rock."

She could hear him chuckle. "In due time you will return, but before then there will be others. Do not worry so."

Natasha closed her eyes, remembering what the masters had said. She had stood before them, head high and a smile on her lips. As she had heard the most beautiful words she had ever known.

"Natasha, we have waited long for you." Their timeless voices echoed as one. "Welcome to the beginning Dark Soul, for you are the first and others will come. Then, then we shall all see great things. For when all the Dark Souls are freed from their human chains and gathered they will cleanse existence and a new era will begin that is beyond any one species comprehension."

Natasha's smile grew. "Watch out world because I am coming back soon and I will not be alone. Let the time of darkness come."


And so the Dark Soul series begins. Tell me if you like the idea. If not well don't read it but I think it'll be cool to write at least. By the way you all are the best for reading this!