Tuesday - First Period

I ran down the hall ways, only slowing down if I thought a teacher was coming, and to my class room. I was already late and I knew we were picking partners today. I did NOT want to get stuck with the one guy that always showed up late, never did his homework and always seems to get stuck with the second to last person coming to class. (Him being the last)

It wasn't that I hated the guy! No hate isn't strong enough to describe my emotions towards this guy. He was rude, cocky, thinks everything is a joke, teases everyone, is a huge jerk and the list goes on and on!

While captivated in my own thoughts I almost ran straight into the class room door. I stopped just in time, patted out my frizzled hair and open the door. The bell had rung a good ten minutes and if it wasn't for my older brothers playing "jokes" on me by turning my alarm clock off I would of already been here! Note to self: Get brothers back.

"Oh miss Blaze, so good of you to finally join us." The teacher, Mr. Michogening, said in a snide voice. I had the strong urge to kick him in the shin (if he wasn't a teacher I would of) but resisted that and just mumbled an apologue and plopped in my regular seat.

"What happened to you?" One of my best friends, Storm, asked. I turned to him and gave him one of 'you don't want to know' looks and he nodded in understandment. "Sorry to tell you this but-" Before he could finish his sentence, guess who walked in. Yes, him. The guy that has seemed to make my life living hell, the guy I hated more then anything in the world!

"Well since you and Miss Blaze seem to enjoy interrupting my class and coming in late, you two will become partners." Mr. Michogening said, smiling as if he had one the noble prize. Note to self: Don't just get brothers back, KILL THEM!

"Whatever…" I looked up at my new partner. I had been to busy plotting different ways to kill my brothers to even notice him walk over to me. He smirked at me in a 'look who it is' way and before he could get anything out I stood up.

"Lets go." I said not even waiting to see if he was following me to the library. I was so steamed! Why hadn't any of my so called friends told the teacher that they were going to be my partner?! I ALWAYS did that for them when they were absent or late for class so they wouldn't get stuck with him.

"Rain! RAIN!" I turned on my heel to glare at Storm and his partner, also one of my best friends, Harmony. "We are sorry but-" I cut him off with one of my famous 'you don't want to finish that' death glares and turned around again. Ok so I was being kind of bitchy, this I know but if you were in my shoes you would be thinking and doing the exact same thing as me.

I took a seat in the upper level of the library and took out a note book and a pencil. I drummed my pencil on my note book finally realizing that I had NO idea what this project was about. Someone sat down across from me but I didn't bother to look up because I knew it was him. He has a name but I rather not say it.

"You two should get going, this project is due Monday." The teacher said while passing by. By total accident, my foot had been sticking somewhat out from under the table and he stepped on it causing him to trip. My eyes went wide as I watched him fall, especially since now he had stepped on my foot and he weighed like a million pounds!

My partner instantly broke out into a fit of laughter as I glared at him knowing he had just got us in BIG trouble because the teacher would now think I did it on propose and I REALLY didn't! Though I wanted to laugh too, I hated this teacher but controlled my laughter.

Mr. M stood up and glared at us both. His face was flushed red because many students had seen him fall flat on his chubby face and it seemed like he was going to explode now.

"You two are going to serve after schools together till next Friday! I'll have extra duties for you both also! I want to see you both in my class room during lunch!" After that said, he stormed off only to yell at another group of poor saps who where laughing at his fall.

"That was great! I never knew ya had it in ya fruit lope." My partner said laughing harder. My temper exploded then and there and I kicked him very hard in the shin while standing up.

"Listen Cedric, I did that on bloody accident! The fool is the one that stepped on my foot!" With that his face turned really serious. "The old idiot is the one that probably broke my foot!"

"Well this old idiot has something to tell you ." I winced at the tone in his voice and could see the look on Cedric's face that said 'you've done it now fruit lope'. Oh how I hated that nick name he had given me!

I turned to Mr. M and saw the principle behind him. With that I turned back around and slowly sat in my chair. Oh I am going to be in so much trouble now…

Tuesday - Lunch

"Are you kidding?! The whole school probably heard you!" Talon, another friend, said loudly as he began to laugh.

"You know when you get mad at your British accent comes threw, you sound so sexy." Storm said as I glared at him.

"Stop trying to suck up, I'm still angry with you." With that I turned my attention back to Talon and kicked him. "Shut up you bloody fool!" I said in a low dangerous voice and he instantly became quiet.

"I wish I had that tone of voice…" Ivy said with a slight pout as I laughed. Ivy always seemed to make me laugh, no matter how pissed off I was.

"Well what happened?" Talon asked but before I could answer, Xavier sat down. Ok Xavier, where to start? Well maybe the point that I have this HUGE crush on him though he is Hunter's younger brother. Hunter is my brother's best friend so of course I became friends with Xavier at a very young age.

"Hey Xavier." I greeted and he looked up smiling at me.

"Heard ya yelling in the library at Cedric, so your bubble finally pop and ya let that jerk have it?" Xavier asked and I put my head onto the lunch table. I did it a little too hard and made a loud THUD sound soon after came a-

"BLOODY HELL!" I whipped my head up and rubbed my sore forehead. Oh this day just kept on getting worse and worse… what the hell next?

Tuesday - After school

"Rain Quinn Blaze in my office. NOW." My father called and I winced. I sighed and walked into his office.

"Yes Da?" I asked, usually using my British accent and not my American one got me out of a lot of situations with my dad, since my mum was British he always was easy on the accent.

"Sit down young lady." I guess it wasn't one of those situations. I quickly took a seat in one of his office chairs and waited for the lecture on whatever I did begin. "I got a call from your school. You showed up late for your first class, then trip your teacher, kick a fellow class mate in the shin make him bleed, then yell at him and call your teacher some names and then make a ruckus in the lunch room. Now what do you have to say for yourself?" Ok, time for my inner teenager to come out and get me deeper in the little hole I've dug myself.

"First of all, my alarm clock was magically turned off." I glanced at the door knowing my brothers were listening. "That causing me to miss the bus, having to run all the way to school and I was already NOT in a good mood so the teacher pairs me off with the biggest jerk in school, then the foolish teacher steps on MY foot and falls! My idiot partner then bust out laughing causing us both to get in much trouble! So after the teacher walked away my temper exploded and I kicked him forgetting I had worn my come bat boots to school I guess I kicked him a little too hard causing him to bleed then told him that it was my fault that the bloody teacher tripped over MY foot! And I only yelled in the lunch room because my forehead hit the lunch table a little too hard!" I said pointed to the fading red mark on my forehead.

Lets take a minute to explain my father. He is a young, rich, successful lawyer. He and mum got divorced because of some differences and he remarried my new step mom Cara, she's cool and we get along. Now that's the good side of my dad, the bad side being he has a worse temper then me and often explodes in ways that cost money.

"Rain-" He started off in a shout but soon after the doors open and my step mom, Cara walked threw some people following her. My Da instantly calmed down but clenched his fist as we exchanged death glares. Don't worry, my father isn't abusive, he just has a bad temper.

"Oh honey, the Starlings are here." Wait, did she just said Starlings?! Oh great, my day has just got to the top two worst day in my life and guess what! It isn't number two.

"Oh good, bring them in." With that my Da cut the death glare and gave me a 'oh your going to regret ever yelling at me' look. I turned around to see a middle aged man and women walk in. Though I wasn't concentrating on them, I was looking at the guy that walked behind them.

"Good day Miles." I'm guessing, Mr. Starling said to my Da. Yes his name is Miles and I'm guessing that since they are on a first name basses they are "old buddies".

"Rain, I'd like you to meet Mr. And Mrs. Starling." I faked a smile and shook both their hands.

"We had heard the whole story of what happened at school and decided to let you two decide what to do about it." Mrs. Starling said.

"In your room Rain." Da said, more of an order then a request. Oh he was so going to get it when I have to put him in a nursing home.

I walked out of my dads office, hearing Cedric right behind me. My fist were clenched and I pounded into the living room where I saw my former brothers watching TV. Todd, the 13-year-old, say me first and with one look took off running at top speed. Felix, the 16-year-old and Diego the 17-year-old watched Todd walk off and just looked at each other in confusion then saw me.

"RUN!" Felix shouted as he got up but I tackled him.

"I'M *punch* GOING *punch* TO *punch* KILL *punch* YOU!" Diego pulled me off of Felix, I knew that Diego didn't do the trick but I still tried to get out of his grasp to kill Felix.

"Calm down lass." Diego said as I just glared at Felix, one of my worst glares. I knew Diego was a lot stronger then me and could hold me with ease.

"I'm calm!" I practically screamed as Diego loosened his grip and I shoved Felix out of my way. I stormed up stairs with a confused looking Cedric following me.

"He's like five times your side fruit lope, why's he scared of you?" He finally asked and I spun around but lost all my words. Cedric was standing by the window looking straight at me with a small smile playing on his lips. The light pouring threw covered only half him in light as the other have was in dark. His deep green eyes seemed to hold secretes never told as his light brown hair seemed to frame his face. I had never actually looked at Cedric because I had always found him annoying but now that I am… I don't think I could stop.

"Um… he just is." I answered down casting my eyes and turning around. I walked to my room and threw open the door. Cedric walked past me but I didn't look up at him, I really didn't care about anything else but why my heart was pounding so hard. I sat on my rather large bed.

"I've never seen any kind of painting like this before and no artist that I know is R.B." I looked up to see him looking up at a painting of a black angel. I felt my cheeks heat up as I moved over next to him.

"That's because its my painting, Rain Blaze… R.B." I said as I quickly took the sketch book out of his hands and sat back down on my bed, pushing the book under my bed probably with hundred other ones.

"So fruit lopes got brains, beauty and creativity that would kill anyone else's..." He said. My cheeks heated up even more as concentrated on the patterns of my bed covers. "Wonder what else she hides from the world." So surprised to hear his voice so close I looked up. Our noise were only a couple inch's from each others. He was bent slightly so we meet eye level and I took a deep breath.

Why is my heart beating so fast?


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