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Angel: what drugs are u on?

*glare* your suppose to be dead and don't accuse the reviewers of being on

drugs… *eye twitches*

Angel: … *walks away quickly*


"It's been one year to this day that my best friend, Angel, died." I fiddled

with my fingers then looked up into some old faces and some new faces. I let

out a low breath, even if I had been telling my story time and time again, it

still hurt. Though it was getting better. I felt a light squeeze in my hand

and I looked at Cedric as he gave me an encouraging smile.

"Anything else you would like to tell us?" Miss Mary asked. I took a deep

breath and held it for a second. You'd think that because I've told my story so

many times I'd have it down pat.

"After Angel's death I ran away from home… before that I would hardly eat or

sleep… my grades were slipping, even though that's what I did most of my time…

and I got detached from sports I use to love to play…" I said in a low voice,

looking back at my hands and once again, Cedric gave me an encouraging squeeze.

"About a week and half later I went home… I saw the effect my running away had

on my family and friends and I felt awful for doing it… thought I knew I had to

get away… I would have exploded if I didn't…" I said and I looked up, Miss Mary

nodded and looked around the room.

"How did running away help? I mean, wouldn't you blow up anyways, it didn't

matter where you were?" A new girl that I didn't know asked.

"If I was home and blew up, I would have done it to one of my friends most

likely… I may not have been able to take back my words and I would have probably

done something to myself." I said looking her straight in the eye to make sure

she knew I was serious and not just saying that.

"Anyone else?" Miss Mary asked.

"My best friend died about a month ago…" A boy spoke up, I noticed he was

trying hard not to cry. Miss Mary didn't ask anything further, just waited for

him to continue. "I just want to know… if it gets any easier… It's been a year

for you and I can see the pain still on your face." He said, looking at me.

"It doesn't get easier if you keep making it harder on yourself… my dad told me

that and I never really got it until someone else said it. I boiled all my

feelings up inside and every day it just got harder and harder… then I told

someone…" I glanced at Cedric. "And it slightly got easier… it's still hard to

talk about him without memories coming back or things I wish I said to him… but

I've now got it through my head that I can't…" The boy nodded as if he


"Well that's good for today." Miss Mary said after another 30 minutes of

talking and after five people had started to cry. I stood up with Cedric as we

both started to walk out, hand in hand.

"You always make someone cry." Cedric said as I looked up at him, blinking


"It's not like I mean too." I said, my nose scrunching up as he laughed and

placed a light kiss on the tip of it.

"Let's blow this joint." Cedric said, pulling out his black sun glasses and

placing them over his deep green eyes with a wide smirk. I laughed at him and

rolled my eyes. "The names Starling, Cedric Starling." I busted out laughing

and pushed him to the side slightly. "And what is SO funny Miss Blaze?" He

asked as we stopped and stood to face each other.

"The look on your face when I give you a surprise kiss." He looked down at me

in confusion and opened his mouth to say something but I just stood on my tippy

toes and kissed him on the lips then backed away with a slight smile. "That look." I said as he smirked and wrapped an arm around my waist and lowered his face to mine. As his lips met mine I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed.

~*~THE END~*~