Beautiful poisoned skies
Gather for demise
Flowers paint the sea
Rain is on the breeze
Dust gathers in time,
Candles flicker blue
The ghosts arise to haunt the night
The faintest trace in hue

Am I awake?
Am I even standing here?
Am I alone?
Is no one else near?
Is my slumbering eternal
Why can I not arise?
Will I ever wake myself,
From these fantasies and lies?

Dew and diamonds gleam
A Tiny crystal bird
Sings the songs of joy
That I have always heard
A flute mourns long
A dark strange tune
Who knows what notes tonight
Will cross the pallid moon

Am I awake?
Am I even standing here?
Can I really breathe this air?
Is anybody near?
Is any of it truth?
or's nothing as it seems?
Is that music that I hear?
Or echoes of my dreams?

A china doll
So lovely and sweet
With painted eyes
Staring back at me
An expressionless mask
Dressed in a smile
That shows you nothing
Once you gaze awhile

Is she awake?
Is she even standing there?
does she know time passes by her?
Does she even care?
does she ever think?
The same things that I do
Does she ever stop to contemplate
What's false and what is true?

The sun rises now
A symphony of red
The dawn is herald of the day
Forget what I have said.
For in the darkend night
You may wonder and recall
Do the words I spoke to you
Have any truth at all?