In The Name - August 22, 2003, revised August 27, 2003

Those who thump Bibles, and preach from the Qur'an
Those who observe Sabbath, and thank Buddha for the swans

Those who worship their own special one-in-a-thousand
Those who hike to the forest and like to start howling

Those who rely on, and spill human sentiment
For forces that go beyond just five elements

Those who accept the limits of our mudane presence
Will always have faith when it makes no damn sense

Those who wish not to mold their own destiny
Those who pray not to cars, hoes, and Hennesy

Those who don't wish the Goddess, Allah, and Jesus
To kill their fellow man and spread fatal diseases

Those who don't force conformity and distort mass perception
Those who don't use religion to as a weapon of mass deception

Those who don't rush to fight other people's wars
For the unlikely promise of seventy virgin whores

Those who don't believe we were made to be sheep, so God can have his way
Those who believe we are his companions, who just help make things ok

Those who don't long to rule from atop an ivory tower
Those who don't call out to God, jealous of his power

They make up only one half of the entire universe
The other half are put here to teach us how to curse

They cause trouble for one and all, for that is their only job
They appear as selfish politicians, thinktankers, and lazy slobs

Those who take from the weak and foolish and can't be bothered to give
If everyone lived for today, tomorrow who would be left to live

It would seem that our life
Would be better off without their spite
Then our bodies would grow weak
And there'd be no more battles to fight

When evil people fight, they're also fighting from within
It's easier to fight people who haven't paid for their sins

When commanding evil in the name of good almighty grace
The mask of religion falls to reveal an ugly face