"Like Stone"

We wanted our graves to be by each other,
So we could lie there, together forever.
We were going to live in a cottage by a lake,
Where we could always love each other.
Our graves are empty
Our cottage too.
For you have left me here alone,
Hurt and broken on this floor of stone.
I've cried a river of tears for you.
I've mourned two years for you.
I'd give the devil my soul for you,
To be with you for just another day.
I was willing to die for a chance,
A chance to be in your arms once more.
But that was then,
This is now
You come crawling back to me.
She has left you, hurt and broken, all alone,
On that same floor of stone.
My love for you was once fiery.
But now that flame has flickered out.
I am frozen from the pain and hurt.
I can no longer feel or love.
My heart, once loving and open
Has an empty space where you used to be
Where I would hold you close to me
Even when you were miles away
Now my heart is like stone.
Hard and cold,
Colder than that floor of stone on which you lie.
This gives me the chills. Review, review.