Year and a Day

By Goth-girl

I've waited so long for this day to be here

The day I'm an initiated Wiccan

These moments I hold so dear

Along my Spiritual Plan

I was a bit dense when I began

My old Book of Shadows makes me laugh

I didn't know how to be Pagan

Or the difference between a besom and a staff

Closeted for most of the time

Hiding my new path

Forcing my simple spells to rhyme

Balancing magick with math

I remember my first ritual

Closed a circle I forgot to make

I didn't used to be spiritual

Now I find humorous, my silly mistake

Once my wand even broke

I was madly ashamed

When I was trying to invoke

But I couldn't be blamed

I occasionally mix up Earth and Air

North and East

I'd like to say those moments were rare

And that they've now ceased

But then I remember my first Pagan friends

Who've helped me more than my books

And given me a few good defends

When others give me odd looks

I remember the day I wanted to dedicate

By accident, during a prayer

It was when I could truly appreciate

That the Gods were truly there

Now I look forward

To my next year and a day

As I move toward

The perfect way

Blessed be!