Title: Fate
Author: Heather P.

Human nature and being:
To exist and ever falter,
To love and never alter,
The fates' fine weave.

From the womb we never leave,
It's creation so compact and necessary.
Where such fine threads meet,
I shall kiss your face.
Tender emotions locked in our embrace.

I wish to stay here:
Under the rain and sky,
Under these illusive dreams,
To fly,
To be with you.

How unfair it must be,
To bear the angels' wing,
To grow feathered wings,
Yet still be trapped from flight,

To love and not directly touch,
To see but not find.

Do only angels see you there?
Standing before my eyes,
But beyond my reach.

What strand connects those that love,
Over such distance immeasurable?
And yet to be cut and let fray,
On any passing day.

What faulty weavers the fates must be,
To make such a tapestry of love and hate.

Then to funnel such things as adoration and care,
Into bodies that will remain so separated by skin,
Despite all the things that might bring them together.
It is only limited to a kiss,
An embrace,
A time of shaded moonlight.

And despite all of this I love you,
I do not know why or how,
But all of that does not matter,
Just as long as you hold me now,
Fate can wait one more day for me.