Title: God of Fear
Author: Heather P.

That great god of fear,
In a building of wood and stone,
With Saint's eyes of mortar and glass.

His dearest son,
Head bowed with thorns shown,
Hung from nails that severed flesh and bone.

I ran from that place,
Of love and lies,
Into the rain with tears in my eyes.
I could not go back there:
Where a message of love was over shown by greed,
Where that so simple a thing was given no heed.
In there was not my path,
My soul had a different





Into the woods I ran,
Surrounded by trees and leaves,

My soul found comfort there,

Among the green and brown.

The light of a silver moon,
Water collected in the grass,
And around my feet.

Soaking through my clothes and my hair,
I curled in the among the trees,
and felt at peace.