"A Most Secret Connection Of Life & Film"
You woke up too late today,
One second all the same.
The pianos are playing now,
A funeral in your name,
Hopefully it wasn't in vain.
Of course I'm making reference to your life,
Something to like,
And occasionally fight for,
But then you made no war.
If only we knew,
Who you were,
And questioned no more,
Your values.
Something to admire,
Like a blazing moon,
Taken too soon,
But it's gotta be this way,
We're told,
By God.
It's happened for a reason,
No matter if you're sixteen,
Or if it's the wrong season.
By George,
You've got it,
You're losing,
And you're fading,
Split second fade outs,
Fade to black,
End rolling,
The cells are flapping and your reel had no equal,
And I can't wait for the sequel.