"Spinning Birds Don't Twist, They Spin"
Sometimes I wish,
I think,
I live,
I love to think to live to care,
To wonder why I haven't,
Seen you there.

Where have you been,
All my life?
If only you had happened to me,
On page thirteen,
But page seventy-three,
Snuck up on me.
Maybe someone cares.

The medication helped,
You thought,
You wanted,
It didn't,
But did,
And when it all came crashing,
Bashing down,
You looked around,
And fell to the ground.
Oh, how delicious was the overdose?

You lifted your shirt for me,
Flashing like a camera,
Your lips,
Like apples,
Tasted like the eye of a Universe,
An immaculate,
An impossibly measurable measurement,
Your bust,
It busted,
And you dusted me away,
To tell everyone I hurt you,
And now I'm not going to stay.
You deserved it.
I delivered it.
I did.
And don't you forget,
How immaculate it is,
When spinning birds don't twist,
They spin.
And winning birds don't lose,
They win.