It's all topsy turvy

Lefty tighty

Righty loosy.

It's all mumbled gumbled tumbled

It's all red

It's all white

But fireworks never apologize

And neither do I, I just spin and spin.

Behind those eyelids and old soda bottles

I can see your grin

And I will listen I will listen

To the thumpety thump of the

Confused piano's keys

As you beat it like a drum

And it thinks quietly when your gone about a flute

Who never gets such a hard beating for

Music's sake, or no man's snake

Or will live a short life

Just to become a pair of boots,

Splashed with mud and crayon juice

Will never taste the same as when I was five.

Bark will still be soft and

Water will be sweet

And grass will no more sting you, just

Bend and listen, bend and listen,

But will you listen to my words,

You won't listen to my words

Until they freeze in ice.